Leslie and I are sponsoring the Kenner Boxing Club to run in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. We got them signed up today. What a nice group of kids. They are so excited . They have never done 13 miles before but Axel, their coach, said their normal run is around 5 or 6 miles. I am sure they will be passing me by early in the race. As long as everyone finishes it’s a victory.kenner boxing club Rock and Roll 1:2

Crazy day in Coyote land. A million calls today. Very hectic.

Holy Moly.The girls are asked to sign non compete agreements so that we can protect our copyrighted material. Already I have heard of 2 girls going back to their other places of employment and showing them our dances. I will go after anyone that infringes on my work so be careful.
Kevin is killing me. He never says a word to anyone then calls me or texts me criticizing what the others are doing. I am trying to break him of this . He started in on the glasses Daniel is ordering. Instead of telling Daniel that he is not happy with the glassware he writes me and belittles both me and Daniel ” I can’t believe we are going to be associated with a concept that uses acrylic glasses.” I used to get so annoyed at Kevin. Now I write Daniel and cc Kevin saying ” Daniel, Kevin is bitching about the glasses. Can you identify what he wants?” Peace and harmony.

Leslie and I are sponsoring the kids from the Kenner Boxing Club to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon with us on Sunday. God I hope its not cold on Sunday. The kids are excited but scared to run 13 miles. Axel Murillo is the coach. He is one of those selfless people trying to help these kids. Shit I haven’t run that far since Nepal. OK let’s do this shit.

This morning I woke up to this text message from Chantel ” I want to take this opportunity to thank you” In my mind I was thinking wow that’s so beautiful , then I read the rest of the message. ” To thank you for making me go on LIVE TV at 5 in the morning tomorrow.” Oh my god. LMAO. I totally forgot that yesterday our PR person had contacted me about appearing on the morning show in San Diego with a few of our girls. I am already back in New Orleans so I responded to her by saying that Chantel would take my place. Sorry Chantel ” By the way, wear makeup.”
Too funny.

San Diego staff rocks!!! Bam training starts tomorrow.
Just received an email from Daniel ‘ lil I have loved you from the very beginning. Any chance?” LOL I knew Tommy was involved in hacking his email but low and behold Lee was behind it as well. ” Sorry Daniel there is no chance. I have seen you pee in a bottle in Nepal. ” We work hard but we all have fun with each other.
Did I talk about the pizza dough throwing taxidermist? OK a girl came in to apply as a waitress. She know how to make pizza and her hobby is picking up roadkill and doing taxidermy. ” Another man’s trash is this girl’s treasure.” So awesome. Some funning stuff today. Really funny, beautiful, and genuinely nice staff.

Excellent girl search today in San Diego. Some funny stuff. We had a stand up comic. We had a champion jump roper. We had some incredible dancers. A mystery theatre actress. Good stuff today. I am wiped out!
Our PR company was with us most of the day. I had gone with them this morning to do a TV show and then they came back to the auditions. They were riveted. They stayed 3 hours . ” Lil this is better then reality tv. It’s amazing how you can tell the strippers from a mile away.” Lol ( Not that I care about strippers I just have to break them of bad dance habits.
Tomorrow should be another amazing day. God I love this town.
Today would of been my dad’s birthday. I thought about it when we set the girl search for this date. Last week my cellphone reminder came on. Last night when I went to bed I thought about whether it would impact my day. But the truth is that work got busy and life goes on. People keep living their lives. Last night I thought ” at least I am not scrambling for a late gift.” He was easy it was either pajamas or Omaha Steaks.
OK back to the drawing board tomorrow.

Austin anniversary party last night. I felt so bad that I couldn’t go. Just too much going on with Jackson and the San Diego bar . From the videos Lizzie sent me the bar looked awesome and the staff did an outstanding job. When things call down I will take the staff out .
I will never use the company PODS again . Bar none the worst moving experience I have ever had. Thei showed up with the pod 8 days late. The truck broke down . They couldn’t fit the truck in the alley and had to then return my possessions to the storage facility. I had to hire new movers to take the stuff out of the pod and move it into my house. Mac is at the storage facility now because they don’t have my pod ready . What does that mean ? Did the wives borrow my clothes? Did they take out my artwork and hang it in their homes now they have to sneak them back in the pod? This is ridiculous. Worst company ever!
On my way to San Diego now . Girl search tomorrow. The marketing agency booked a lot of interviews for me. I get a call from Lee last night saying that I will he on tv tomorrow wear Coyote clothes and be prepared to bartend. ” dude I haven’t bartended in ten years. If bartending means pouring myself a glass of wine or Coyote Ugly Whisky then I am golden. Otherwise I am fucked!

I just saw video clips for the Austin anniversary skits. OMG so incredibly good! I am so proud of them. I am damned if I do damned if I don’t. I want to go to the Austin anniversary so badly but I feel guilty leaving Jackson when he has an important test coming up. Added to that I have to be in San Diego on Friday. I have the perfect dress too. DAMN
My friend just texted me from a wine tasting. ” Dude some guy just came up to me and asked if I worked at UPS? I said no then he said ” Well you’ve been checking out my package all night.” Too funny

Could it be a more stressful day? God dam.
1. POD still hasn’t shown up. Someone called me claiming they were driving there and then Mac called and they said no they weren’t delivering it till Thursday. I called corporate and their reply was ” we called all the numbers at the San Diego storage facility and no one has called us back.” Bar none the worst service of any company I have ever used.
2. Kevin has changed all the decor ideas and hasn’t gotten bids on new bathrooms. ( yes the bar is opening Feb 5th)
3. Lee won’t answer his phone
4. I am the only one who does the girl search. I have to be there Friday. Thursday night is the Austin anniversary. I helped Lizzie plan it but I just don’t think I can pull it off and attend.
5. Jackson has his admittance test to a high end private school in San Diego on Saturday. I can’t find anyone to administer a simple practice test this week.
6. I bought new lighting and it cost me a fortune.
7. I had to update my financials for the new Puerto Rico space. Painful
8.My landlady Bought a washer and dryer for my apartment but it doesn’t fit.
9. I lost my eyeglasses.
10. I look like shit
11. Kevin didn’t save the church benches that I wanted
12. NONE of my guys has sent me the pricing I asked for yesterday.
Calm down and be grateful !!
Today I am grateful to the muralist in San Diego. Really great job and he’s super quick. Thank you for making me so proud of our new mural.

I just received a dozen roses. So this very young man ( I mean young) has been showing up when I run at the track. Yesterday we ran 4 miles together. During the 4 miles I was asked my drug history? My relationship history? My relationship with my child? If I was willing to adopt children? LOL. I said to him ” I really think you should add ” does mental illness run in your family?” OK the flowers definitely have my attention.
My phone has been ringing off the hook with work today. Mostly about Samurai Pie. Kevin of course has called many, many, many times. And if you knew him you would understand why I highlight the ” Many”. Daniel claims that Tommy has figured out a way to keep his phone conversations short with Kevin. I DON”T BUY IT! that’s impossible.
Why on god’s green earth am I about to open a bar in San Diego and I have to send someone to check Nashville? oh boy.
Next weekend is the girl search in San Diego. We received 8000 hits on our San Diego Facebook on the first day. We are also testing our thin crust pizza recipes for Samurai Pie. What’s better then pizza and sake bombs!

One of my oldest friend’s Molly came into town with her kids. We brought the kids to dinner. All of a sudden I hear her tell her son, ” yes I know Jackson’s dad. I licked his armpit 20 years ago.” I almost fell off my chair laughing. Jackson leaned over to me, being a bit older then her kids. ” How drunk was she to lick dad’s armpit?” I love Molly. We have so many stories together. I can’t think of my life without her. Now we have kids and speaking about old times. Beautiful memories.

It’s becoming a pressure cooker in San Diego. It will be very tight to open on Feb 5th but that’s the plan. We are opening our first pizza place. Samurai Pie keeping San Diego safe from ninjas since 2014! Thin crust pizza and sake bombs . So fun
A thanks to Daniel , Tommy, and Mac for putting up my TVs in the new house. They are also going to move myself from the moving pod to my house . I owe them big. Last night we went to a tasting from a potential kitchen consultant. Beautiful house , fun people. Great time.
I ran into a friend the other day ” sorry to tell you this but we went into your key West bar and it was horrible. The girls are so annoying on the mic that we had to leave . My ex con friend started having flashbacks of the yard and ran out.” Urgh

I am going to flip the fuck out. My furniture was supposed to arrive today. I have Judy flying in to help me and all the guys were going to help move my furniture in my house. Today I go to track my pod and it isn’t even in California and doesn’t get here till Friday. I am going to fucking kill someone. I CANT BE HERE ON FRIDAY. YOu are FUCKING kidding me!!!! God Damn it

I am super excited to be opening our first pizzeria. We spent the day interviewing perspective kitchen managers yesterday in San Diego. We have a tasting tomorrow from one of our candidates in La jolla . He is cooking for us at a friend’s house .
Is it endearing for a male friend to call me “food truck”? ” Do these candidates know that they need to bring their A game for FOOD TRUCK?” Most women would balk at a nickname being one that refers to the amount of food they eat. But I don’t mind it. Kevin calls me ” High Menu Maintenance.” And when he refers to me in that way it’s with scorn. But when I hear ” Food truck “it denotes a level of respect. Yeah I am weird. On that note Dinesti is doing great on her diet . And Tommy is just starting the Lil Diet. ” No Tommy you can’t eat anything at midnight and yes dinner that ended at 8 pm is your last meal of the day.” Tommy and Mac have been running so our new life in Southern California is going to be a healthy one. ( Even though Daniel is trying to sabotage them with car bombs and midnight snacks.)
I had a mini panic attack yesterday morning. I woke up in my new house in San Diego plagued with that ” am I doing the right thing?”feeling. Today the moving truck comes with all my furniture and the finality of moving from New Orleans hit me. My goal is to have the house very cozy by the time Jackson and I move out permanently in June.
I love having guys around. Yesterday I handed Daniel my credit card ” can you just buy me some tv’s and install them? Use your best judgement .” Bam done deal! They bought them and will install them today. I have no idea if they are LED, Plasma or whatever but I know they ( Tommy , Daniel, and Mac) know these kind of things and I trust them.