Lil Spill

January 18, 2014

I just received a dozen roses. So this very young man ( I mean young) has been showing up when I run at the track. Yesterday we ran 4 miles together. During the 4 miles I was asked my drug history? My relationship history? My relationship with my child? If I was willing to adopt children? LOL. I said to him ” I really think you should add ” does mental illness run in your family?” OK the flowers definitely have my attention.
My phone has been ringing off the hook with work today. Mostly about Samurai Pie. Kevin of course has called many, many, many times. And if you knew him you would understand why I highlight the ” Many”. Daniel claims that Tommy has figured out a way to keep his phone conversations short with Kevin. I DON”T BUY IT! that’s impossible.
Why on god’s green earth am I about to open a bar in San Diego and I have to send someone to check Nashville? oh boy.
Next weekend is the girl search in San Diego. We received 8000 hits on our San Diego Facebook on the first day. We are also testing our thin crust pizza recipes for Samurai Pie. What’s better then pizza and sake bombs!

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Teresa Canter

Hey sounds like things are going good. R u going to do anymore Coyote girl searches on TV. Really enjoyed watching all the chaos. Keep on going