Lil Spill

January 28, 2014

This morning I woke up to this text message from Chantel ” I want to take this opportunity to thank you” In my mind I was thinking wow that’s so beautiful , then I read the rest of the message. ” To thank you for making me go on LIVE TV at 5 in the morning tomorrow.” Oh my god. LMAO. I totally forgot that yesterday our PR person had contacted me about appearing on the morning show in San Diego with a few of our girls. I am already back in New Orleans so I responded to her by saying that Chantel would take my place. Sorry Chantel ” By the way, wear makeup.”
Too funny.

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jay armond

Lil I just read your Story, I have been in your bars from NYC, Austin, Tenn , an New Orleans. I had the honor of meeting you a couple of years ago. I use to work out of NYC an would visit your bar their. Man did i have some I was their with Tella, Maria an never figered out where maria got the saying its my job to empty your Now I know. Well hope to be back in La soon an i am sure I will end up at your bar, Have a great day an stay warm. Sincerely, jay