Lil Spill

January 16, 2014

It’s becoming a pressure cooker in San Diego. It will be very tight to open on Feb 5th but that’s the plan. We are opening our first pizza place. Samurai Pie keeping San Diego safe from ninjas since 2014! Thin crust pizza and sake bombs . So fun
A thanks to Daniel , Tommy, and Mac for putting up my TVs in the new house. They are also going to move myself from the moving pod to my house . I owe them big. Last night we went to a tasting from a potential kitchen consultant. Beautiful house , fun people. Great time.
I ran into a friend the other day ” sorry to tell you this but we went into your key West bar and it was horrible. The girls are so annoying on the mic that we had to leave . My ex con friend started having flashbacks of the yard and ran out.” Urgh

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NYC bar's jukebox had been playing mostly club and rap music lately. Most of the "regulars" are going to Doc Hollidays and Spanky's across the street now. There is a sign on the jukebox that states that only rock and country should be played, but the bouncers play a lot of the music on the weekends, and it's really bad. The bouncers in your new york bar also dance and flirt with the female patrons instead of concentrating on their jobs. Stephen is the only one who is respectful. Changes need to be made there!!!


Considering that I have only been to two Coyote ugly bars (Charlotte, NC some years ago, and NYC, for more than a decade.) there are many NYC Coyotes that I would more than willingly take a bullet for.