Lil Spill

January 20, 2014

Thanks Phil! My friend who designed the original Coyote Ugly Logo just designed our new Samurai Pie logo. We have narrowed it down to 3 versions.SamPie_variations PIZZA

Samurai Pie Keeping California safe from Ninjas since 2014.
Samurai Pie the pizza that Kicks you in the gut.
Samurai Pie Logo BandW

The tshirts are going to be outstanding.
The muralist has done a fantastic job just incredible.

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Carlee Jane

"Keeping Cali safe from ninjas since 2014" too great!! Thin crust pizza and sake sounds quite delicious!! Will Samuriai Pie be located on 5th Ave as well??

Mary French

The name "Samurai Pie" would have me heading in the other direction. Sounds like chinese food made into a pizza. Nothing about that name would make me want to try it. Sorry