Lil Spill

January 21, 2014

Could it be a more stressful day? God dam.
1. POD still hasn’t shown up. Someone called me claiming they were driving there and then Mac called and they said no they weren’t delivering it till Thursday. I called corporate and their reply was ” we called all the numbers at the San Diego storage facility and no one has called us back.” Bar none the worst service of any company I have ever used.
2. Kevin has changed all the decor ideas and hasn’t gotten bids on new bathrooms. ( yes the bar is opening Feb 5th)
3. Lee won’t answer his phone
4. I am the only one who does the girl search. I have to be there Friday. Thursday night is the Austin anniversary. I helped Lizzie plan it but I just don’t think I can pull it off and attend.
5. Jackson has his admittance test to a high end private school in San Diego on Saturday. I can’t find anyone to administer a simple practice test this week.
6. I bought new lighting and it cost me a fortune.
7. I had to update my financials for the new Puerto Rico space. Painful
8.My landlady Bought a washer and dryer for my apartment but it doesn’t fit.
9. I lost my eyeglasses.
10. I look like shit
11. Kevin didn’t save the church benches that I wanted
12. NONE of my guys has sent me the pricing I asked for yesterday.
Calm down and be grateful !!
Today I am grateful to the muralist in San Diego. Really great job and he’s super quick. Thank you for making me so proud of our new mural.

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