Lil Spill

January 24, 2014

Austin anniversary party last night. I felt so bad that I couldn’t go. Just too much going on with Jackson and the San Diego bar . From the videos Lizzie sent me the bar looked awesome and the staff did an outstanding job. When things call down I will take the staff out .
I will never use the company PODS again . Bar none the worst moving experience I have ever had. Thei showed up with the pod 8 days late. The truck broke down . They couldn’t fit the truck in the alley and had to then return my possessions to the storage facility. I had to hire new movers to take the stuff out of the pod and move it into my house. Mac is at the storage facility now because they don’t have my pod ready . What does that mean ? Did the wives borrow my clothes? Did they take out my artwork and hang it in their homes now they have to sneak them back in the pod? This is ridiculous. Worst company ever!
On my way to San Diego now . Girl search tomorrow. The marketing agency booked a lot of interviews for me. I get a call from Lee last night saying that I will he on tv tomorrow wear Coyote clothes and be prepared to bartend. ” dude I haven’t bartended in ten years. If bartending means pouring myself a glass of wine or Coyote Ugly Whisky then I am golden. Otherwise I am fucked!

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