Lil Spill

January 14, 2014

I am super excited to be opening our first pizzeria. We spent the day interviewing perspective kitchen managers yesterday in San Diego. We have a tasting tomorrow from one of our candidates in La jolla . He is cooking for us at a friend’s house .
Is it endearing for a male friend to call me “food truck”? ” Do these candidates know that they need to bring their A game for FOOD TRUCK?” Most women would balk at a nickname being one that refers to the amount of food they eat. But I don’t mind it. Kevin calls me ” High Menu Maintenance.” And when he refers to me in that way it’s with scorn. But when I hear ” Food truck “it denotes a level of respect. Yeah I am weird. On that note Dinesti is doing great on her diet . And Tommy is just starting the Lil Diet. ” No Tommy you can’t eat anything at midnight and yes dinner that ended at 8 pm is your last meal of the day.” Tommy and Mac have been running so our new life in Southern California is going to be a healthy one. ( Even though Daniel is trying to sabotage them with car bombs and midnight snacks.)
I had a mini panic attack yesterday morning. I woke up in my new house in San Diego plagued with that ” am I doing the right thing?”feeling. Today the moving truck comes with all my furniture and the finality of moving from New Orleans hit me. My goal is to have the house very cozy by the time Jackson and I move out permanently in June.
I love having guys around. Yesterday I handed Daniel my credit card ” can you just buy me some tv’s and install them? Use your best judgement .” Bam done deal! They bought them and will install them today. I have no idea if they are LED, Plasma or whatever but I know they ( Tommy , Daniel, and Mac) know these kind of things and I trust them.

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Sherri McFadden

Lil, what made you decide on San Diego to move to? Sherri from Oregon