Lil Spill

January 30, 2014

Holy Moly.The girls are asked to sign non compete agreements so that we can protect our copyrighted material. Already I have heard of 2 girls going back to their other places of employment and showing them our dances. I will go after anyone that infringes on my work so be careful.
Kevin is killing me. He never says a word to anyone then calls me or texts me criticizing what the others are doing. I am trying to break him of this . He started in on the glasses Daniel is ordering. Instead of telling Daniel that he is not happy with the glassware he writes me and belittles both me and Daniel ” I can’t believe we are going to be associated with a concept that uses acrylic glasses.” I used to get so annoyed at Kevin. Now I write Daniel and cc Kevin saying ” Daniel, Kevin is bitching about the glasses. Can you identify what he wants?” Peace and harmony.

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