Lil Spill

January 26, 2014

Excellent girl search today in San Diego. Some funny stuff. We had a stand up comic. We had a champion jump roper. We had some incredible dancers. A mystery theatre actress. Good stuff today. I am wiped out!
Our PR company was with us most of the day. I had gone with them this morning to do a TV show and then they came back to the auditions. They were riveted. They stayed 3 hours . ” Lil this is better then reality tv. It’s amazing how you can tell the strippers from a mile away.” Lol ( Not that I care about strippers I just have to break them of bad dance habits.
Tomorrow should be another amazing day. God I love this town.
Today would of been my dad’s birthday. I thought about it when we set the girl search for this date. Last week my cellphone reminder came on. Last night when I went to bed I thought about whether it would impact my day. But the truth is that work got busy and life goes on. People keep living their lives. Last night I thought ” at least I am not scrambling for a late gift.” He was easy it was either pajamas or Omaha Steaks.
OK back to the drawing board tomorrow.

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