Lee, Chantel, and me ! This is our 8th year as the calendar production team ! We are bouncing off the walls. Such little sleep but this will ROCK!

” Miss Lovell do you need another set of keys for your room?” ” Should I put another guest’s name on your reservation? ” ” perhaps tomorrow another guest will need a set of keys for your room? ” Finally my answer ” Sir, if I get lucky I will let you know. ”
Our first meeting with the photographer and his team in 1 hour! Fun

Happy Father’s Day ! I called my dad . My mother answered and I had to convince her that Father’s Day was today and not next week. Jackson is always at sleep away camp during Father’s Day so I called to make sure his dad had a nice Father’s Day . Men are so much different then women. I expect a card and some well thought out gift or a special event planned. Jackson’s dad was very matter of fact ” I know the kid loves me and its too hot to do anything so I am fine about him not being here.” Ok but don’t ever think I am cool with just that.
I spoke with my 17 year old nephew today. His Russian girlfriend dumped him. ” Aunt Liliana, I am a very good looking guy so the girls will be lining up.” Hot damn don’t hate the player hate the game!
Heading to Vegas today for the 2014 calendar shoot.

I tried to take yesterday off. As I was hiking up a beautiful mountain I received calls from almost every member of corporate. Jeremy , t shirt guy, even called me. ” Lil I promise I won’t call unless its an emergency.” A Tshirt emergency? Really? Lol
Please oh higher being let the calendar girls show up toned and fit. It’s a bikini calendar , there is only so much photoshopping we can do. Of course I get a call from Lee yesterday. ” Lil , Monday morning I will pick you up at 3 am to drive to the shoot location.” 3am? What the fuck! The photographer wants to shoot at 5 am. Please girls do not go out drinking on Sunday night! I will freak out if someone doesn’t show up or shows up looking like shit!
Rot Rally in Austin! I thought for one second I should go but I thought my health needed a little sunshine and less bar time.

For Sale! I met a real estate agent yesterday to talk about selling my house next year. She brought over some sale sheets of houses similar to my house. ” Cynthia, how much do you think I will lose?” Low and behold, I may make money! At the end of our conversation she threw in one caveat: ” barring we don’t have a bad hurricane .” That’s it, I saw the dollar bills in my eyes. I need to act fast. I will do a few cosmetic changes and as of July 18th my house will be on the market . I am not waiting through hurricane season. Jackson and I can rent during the school year. Hot damn.
Today I send Jackson to sleep away camp. I am always a bit sad when he leaves. I hate that they don’t allow cell phones. He is not allowed to call us and we can not call him. urgh But he always has fun. My little boy is growing up.

Fanfare done now Rot Rally is coming! We have a lot of traveling girls who headed to Nashville to work now they will travel to Austin to also work, some even meeting me in Vegas next week for the Calendar shoot. A long two weeks for the girls but I will make sure they have fun in Vegas.
I was just on the phone with Daniel. Of course the majority of our call was business but it always leads back to ” Lil I am scared of the triathlon.” Both of us were laughing. Shit, I have been swimming every other day and I have yet to swim 400 meters without taking a break. The tri in Destin is 800 meters in the ocean. Today I swam a total of 1000 meters. Saturday I swam 850 meters. But again, I take breaks or switch to different drills. Jackson and his friend Gabe swam with me on Saturday. Neither kid is a great technical swimmer but they never lose energy . We did 10 laps using only legs. I swear Jackson was like the energizer bunny . When he finished his 10th lap, I was only finishing my 6th. Gabe was great when only using his arms and no legs. I swam this morning at 6 am. By the time I got back home, I decided to take all my calls while in bed. URGH
I have a friend in New Orleans who is very similar to me in regards to goals and finances but we lead totally different lives. She always has friends over her house. Every night she is at a different event or at a party. She loves life. But she will call me and say ” force me to go running with you. Take me to crossfit.” She gets mad at herself for not working out more and eating better. I am the exact opposite . When I am not traveling, I wake up early. I am ultra dedicated to training , eating , and work. But I will call her and say ” you are so much happier then I am. I need to be more social.” Today I realized. ( talking to myself) ” Dumbass, you are goal driven. Make balance in your life a goal.” Ok that’s it! Fucking balance.

Jeremy just sent me a picture of his daughters. So sweet and so gorgeous. Enjoy it now before they are teenagers. All day. : Jackson did you take the garbage out? Answer: I don’t know did I? – Jackson is your friend having fun? answer: I don’t know. Is he?
This has been going on all day. ” mom I know why you can’t cry in space but you don’t.” I just deleted what I wanted to write. OMG. How many years of this do I have? ” Jackson you took the two dogs out for a walk. Why is there only one inside?” answer I don’t know . Is there only one inside?” The inner latin temper is boiling right now.

Recently a former Navy Seal came out as a transgendered person. No joke , this person looked good as a man and looks good as a woman. He hit the transgender lottery, so to speak.
This women tried to sell her kids on Facebook.”News reports that in addition to the $1,000 price tag laid on her infant daughter, Van Horn tried selling a package deal including her 2-year-old child for $4,000. Both children were taken into state custody.” So does this mean she put more value on the older kid? I guess that’s fitting. The older one is only 1 or 2 years away from being a viable revenue source. How old are kids in sweat mills? Or maybe the value is that the older one is potty trained? Sleeps through the night? Really trying to get a better idea of the price point per kid . ( of course I think that’s horrible .There are horrible people in this world. I wish more horrible people were stupid like this woman so they could be caught)
I woke up today with a mental warning ” watch out for Littlin”” Yes I actually had a boyfriend who would put that phrase as an alarm on his phone for my PMS. ” You didn’t cook the eggs the way I like them. You don’t love me. No I am not PMS.” God I hope I was never that bad. The first step to recovery is to know when its coming. lol Damn that transgendered person. I bet he doesn’t get PMS!

I can barely move. In the last few days I have done biking, swimming, crossfit, and running. My butt, legs, shoulders, and all in between hurt. I ran 2.5 miles this morning but I seriously don’t think I can do anything else. I just ordered the Coyote Ugly Bad Mudder F**ker dri fit shirts for our team at the Tahoe Tough Mudder!
For as liberal as I am the Obamacare health plan is seriously flawed. This is all we have been working on this week. Poor Jeff is seriously stressed out. Supposed to hit Miami but I think I need to stay home

All the calendar girls are picked! Let the fighting between Lee and I begin. I just booked my flight to Vegas and I already have 3 texts from Lee. This shoot, he is the head honcho! He can choose the locations, the types of shot. Even which girl for a specific shot. I just want to be the stylist. Let me look at the girl, figure out her outfit and makeup then it’s all on him. No more ” Lil how did the picture come out?” All Lee. The new more chill Lil is here.
4 years at sleep away camp and I finally threw away the suggestion sheet. My son literally wears the same outfit everyday only changing for swimming. He wont let them even wash his laundry. In fact most of it his clothes are clean when I inspect his bag on arrival. There is a moldy smell on everything but unused. I won’t fall for overpacking this year!
Oddly quiet today. Kevin is on a semi vacation and obviously after a few days in Hawaii, he was miserable not working and has been texting and even called. He is so out of sorts when he isn’t working he actually sent a text. ” hey send Ninja here.” That’s code for send Jackson. ” Dude you are with your girlfriend in Hawaii” ( she just moved there and works some days). Perhaps I found another pathetic soul.

My son’s first day at his volunteer job. ” mom , my responsibilities are speaking French and making sure the 6 year olds don’t get paper cuts. ” As long as its easy . lol. He rocked on his standardized tests. Please god or alien higher being, can he make a lot of money one day and take care of me?
Some very shady stuff going on that Daniel caught. Hmmm, you have to be on your toes at all times. Chantel and I are finalizing the calendar girls tonight!