Lil Spill

June 11, 2013

For Sale! I met a real estate agent yesterday to talk about selling my house next year. She brought over some sale sheets of houses similar to my house. ” Cynthia, how much do you think I will lose?” Low and behold, I may make money! At the end of our conversation she threw in one caveat: ” barring we don’t have a bad hurricane .” That’s it, I saw the dollar bills in my eyes. I need to act fast. I will do a few cosmetic changes and as of July 18th my house will be on the market . I am not waiting through hurricane season. Jackson and I can rent during the school year. Hot damn.
Today I send Jackson to sleep away camp. I am always a bit sad when he leaves. I hate that they don’t allow cell phones. He is not allowed to call us and we can not call him. urgh But he always has fun. My little boy is growing up.

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Liliana Lovell

Actually most camps don't allow communication. When we did our research this was very common. He goes to camp with other friends and the camp was highly recommended. It did bother me the first couple of years but now I realize that they do it more to stop homesickness. I always call the camp to mahe sure he's alright. But yes it was hard

Mary French

Can't believe...considering how close you are to Jackson, and what a caring mom you are...that you would send him to a camp where he would not be allowed to contact you. NO WAY would I ever send my child to a place like that. If I want to talk to my child or they want to talk to me, they darn well better be allowed to. You are an awesome mom, and Jackson is very lucky to have all the extras most children only dream of. But this camp....uh uh!