Lil Spill

June 8, 2013

Jeremy just sent me a picture of his daughters. So sweet and so gorgeous. Enjoy it now before they are teenagers. All day. : Jackson did you take the garbage out? Answer: I don’t know did I? – Jackson is your friend having fun? answer: I don’t know. Is he?
This has been going on all day. ” mom I know why you can’t cry in space but you don’t.” I just deleted what I wanted to write. OMG. How many years of this do I have? ” Jackson you took the two dogs out for a walk. Why is there only one inside?” answer I don’t know . Is there only one inside?” The inner latin temper is boiling right now.

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John S.

I was in Coyote Uglys for the first time in New Orleans, and what an experience we had. We had brought our mom in there with us shes in her 80s and in a wheel chair. The first day we went in we had the most awesome bartender, her name was Lindsay, personality that didn't quit, and service and entertainment like never before. My mom had such a great time thanks to Lindsay and want to tell you she is a gem, for real....other days were good but not like the first day thanks.


Jackson - Latin - I came , I saw, I (several meaningful adult words deleted here - but true in any society)