My bedroom is inundated with flying termites. I told a friend this morning that its like living an episode of fear factor every night. I moved into the guest room last night. Who knew that the mattress in the quest room was so comfy?
Lee loves to show off his family, as he should . His wife Dre, is super gorgeous and incidentally kind and nice. They have been doing P90x and running intervals. He sent me a picture of her in a bikini. My first reaction was to gag because she is so perfect but then the lightbulb hit!” Lee, lets make Dre the Coyote Ugly fitness model and enter her in competitions. ” I have to do a little leg work but I think we can venture into this world. ( when I say we I mean
On the other side of the equation I said to my Triathlon trainer ” all these tri shorts and cycling shorts make me look fat. ” his response ” I wanted to talk to you about that. I think you are eating too much.” Lol. I am not fat god damn it, just thunder thighed! Chantel and I do have the biggest boobs in the triathlon world. That’s a plus!

Hot damn ! Just read the Sunday night logs. Most of the bars did really well. Mama needs a new pair of running shoes!
Ok calendar time. Already have 2 girls picked now I need 10 more! I am on it.
So Daniel and I were too late registering for the San Diego Internation triathlon. Today I signed up Daniel, Chantel, Tommy and I for the Sandestin Triathlon. So proud of Daniel and Tommy for getting involved. About an hour after I registered the 4 of us, I receive a text from Daniel ” lil this is a lot farther then you told me.” To be honest I didnt realize that it was longer but we are signed up so that’s it we are doing it. ( since I didn’t realize it was quite a bit farther, I totally miscalculated our suspected finish times.)
The last triathlon that Chantel and I finished was a 1/4 mile swim, 13 mile bike ride , and a 3.1 mile run. The Sandestin Tri is a 1/2 mile swim, a 20 mile bike ride, and a 4 mile run. OK I just have to get my fat ass back in the water and also practice transitioning from bike to run. We have a lot of time to train. ( of shit. August in florida. LOL hot as hell. )

Last night the staff in OKC closed the bar down and sequestered themselves and the customers in the areas of the bar that they felt safest. The worry and the responsibility is so great. I spoke to Lizzie ( gm) today about the fear I have if something happens to anyone . There was a family walking around Bricktown with no place to go so the staff let them come in and ride out the tornados in the bar . I felt this deep responsibility for this child. It’s so scary. This is nuts. I am seriously thinking of postponing the anniversary party till we are a bit further out of tornado season. Not sure.
Last night I saw Daniel at the Coyote in New Orleans. He looks better then I have ever seen him. He is running every day and looks great. He is doing the San Diego International Triathlon with me at the end of the month. So Proud of him. The company is really on a health kick. I love finding out about employees making such positive changes in their lives. Running, biking, crossfit. Its inspiring.