Lil Spill

June 14, 2013

I tried to take yesterday off. As I was hiking up a beautiful mountain I received calls from almost every member of corporate. Jeremy , t shirt guy, even called me. ” Lil I promise I won’t call unless its an emergency.” A Tshirt emergency? Really? Lol
Please oh higher being let the calendar girls show up toned and fit. It’s a bikini calendar , there is only so much photoshopping we can do. Of course I get a call from Lee yesterday. ” Lil , Monday morning I will pick you up at 3 am to drive to the shoot location.” 3am? What the fuck! The photographer wants to shoot at 5 am. Please girls do not go out drinking on Sunday night! I will freak out if someone doesn’t show up or shows up looking like shit!
Rot Rally in Austin! I thought for one second I should go but I thought my health needed a little sunshine and less bar time.

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