Lil Spill

June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day ! I called my dad . My mother answered and I had to convince her that Father’s Day was today and not next week. Jackson is always at sleep away camp during Father’s Day so I called to make sure his dad had a nice Father’s Day . Men are so much different then women. I expect a card and some well thought out gift or a special event planned. Jackson’s dad was very matter of fact ” I know the kid loves me and its too hot to do anything so I am fine about him not being here.” Ok but don’t ever think I am cool with just that.
I spoke with my 17 year old nephew today. His Russian girlfriend dumped him. ” Aunt Liliana, I am a very good looking guy so the girls will be lining up.” Hot damn don’t hate the player hate the game!
Heading to Vegas today for the 2014 calendar shoot.

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