Lil Spill

June 5, 2013

All the calendar girls are picked! Let the fighting between Lee and I begin. I just booked my flight to Vegas and I already have 3 texts from Lee. This shoot, he is the head honcho! He can choose the locations, the types of shot. Even which girl for a specific shot. I just want to be the stylist. Let me look at the girl, figure out her outfit and makeup then it’s all on him. No more ” Lil how did the picture come out?” All Lee. The new more chill Lil is here.
4 years at sleep away camp and I finally threw away the suggestion sheet. My son literally wears the same outfit everyday only changing for swimming. He wont let them even wash his laundry. In fact most of it his clothes are clean when I inspect his bag on arrival. There is a moldy smell on everything but unused. I won’t fall for overpacking this year!
Oddly quiet today. Kevin is on a semi vacation and obviously after a few days in Hawaii, he was miserable not working and has been texting and even called. He is so out of sorts when he isn’t working he actually sent a text. ” hey send Ninja here.” That’s code for send Jackson. ” Dude you are with your girlfriend in Hawaii” ( she just moved there and works some days). Perhaps I found another pathetic soul.

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Liliana Lovell

We have a few months like that

Liliana Lovell

Part of this is that it's a perk for the girls. But interesting idea


Hey Lil as these girls are not models what about asking your regulars to submit their photos of their favorite Coyote and choose from that.

Liliana Lovell

We have done a few shots like that. Just have to remember that these girls are not models and its not easy to get all good shots

Stanley Tomasiak

Why not a 1950's type Coyote Ugly calendar? Like a Betty Paige look. The Coyotes could wear their hair in a 50's style, and wear 50's bathing suits or 50's style bra, panties and hose. I know your Coyote models would love it.


Lil furnish the girls as you like. Perhaps in a “nice” CU style. Males wont be awake to this as most of us have only one style in mind for women. Male understanding of dress is well exemplified by Jackson being happy to wear the same day in and day out. If you look carefully you will notice that over the last 100 years men’s fashion has changed, but nothing like women’s fashion. Good that you Choose!