Lil Spill

June 10, 2013

Fanfare done now Rot Rally is coming! We have a lot of traveling girls who headed to Nashville to work now they will travel to Austin to also work, some even meeting me in Vegas next week for the Calendar shoot. A long two weeks for the girls but I will make sure they have fun in Vegas.
I was just on the phone with Daniel. Of course the majority of our call was business but it always leads back to ” Lil I am scared of the triathlon.” Both of us were laughing. Shit, I have been swimming every other day and I have yet to swim 400 meters without taking a break. The tri in Destin is 800 meters in the ocean. Today I swam a total of 1000 meters. Saturday I swam 850 meters. But again, I take breaks or switch to different drills. Jackson and his friend Gabe swam with me on Saturday. Neither kid is a great technical swimmer but they never lose energy . We did 10 laps using only legs. I swear Jackson was like the energizer bunny . When he finished his 10th lap, I was only finishing my 6th. Gabe was great when only using his arms and no legs. I swam this morning at 6 am. By the time I got back home, I decided to take all my calls while in bed. URGH
I have a friend in New Orleans who is very similar to me in regards to goals and finances but we lead totally different lives. She always has friends over her house. Every night she is at a different event or at a party. She loves life. But she will call me and say ” force me to go running with you. Take me to crossfit.” She gets mad at herself for not working out more and eating better. I am the exact opposite . When I am not traveling, I wake up early. I am ultra dedicated to training , eating , and work. But I will call her and say ” you are so much happier then I am. I need to be more social.” Today I realized. ( talking to myself) ” Dumbass, you are goal driven. Make balance in your life a goal.” Ok that’s it! Fucking balance.

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Liliana Lovell

The trainer told me that but I was getting frustrated because he has been changing so much of my stroke. I swim and am always in my head thinking. I feel like I never get any if the changes well enough before he changes the next move


Just a thought Lil. When I was young and doing a lot of competitive swimming (and winning)I used to do my long distance swims using a 3 kicking beat. That’s 3 kicks to 1 arm stroke. I think this worked because it kept my kicking regular and constant. Ask your trainer for their view.