Lil Spill

June 7, 2013

Recently a former Navy Seal came out as a transgendered person. No joke , this person looked good as a man and looks good as a woman. He hit the transgender lottery, so to speak.
This women tried to sell her kids on Facebook.”News reports that in addition to the $1,000 price tag laid on her infant daughter, Van Horn tried selling a package deal including her 2-year-old child for $4,000. Both children were taken into state custody.” So does this mean she put more value on the older kid? I guess that’s fitting. The older one is only 1 or 2 years away from being a viable revenue source. How old are kids in sweat mills? Or maybe the value is that the older one is potty trained? Sleeps through the night? Really trying to get a better idea of the price point per kid . ( of course I think that’s horrible .There are horrible people in this world. I wish more horrible people were stupid like this woman so they could be caught)
I woke up today with a mental warning ” watch out for Littlin”” Yes I actually had a boyfriend who would put that phrase as an alarm on his phone for my PMS. ” You didn’t cook the eggs the way I like them. You don’t love me. No I am not PMS.” God I hope I was never that bad. The first step to recovery is to know when its coming. lol Damn that transgendered person. I bet he doesn’t get PMS!

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