“Brick my brick my citizens” Key West is starting to show some life. Good job Mac. Happy you are down there. Great talk with him today.

NYC not so much. Let’s call that Human error.  The weather is killing the Nashville bar. Last night San Diego and San Antonio holding with the high numbers.  Overall we are starting to shine. Spring Break is coming!!!!

Yesterday Jeff called bright and early in the morning. Well Tommy is on his shit list. Daniel is a tad but Jeff seems very upset with Tommy. It will take Tommy years to get back in Jeff’s good graces. It’s almost comical.

Doing a half marathon with SD bar next week. Shit I am not ready!!

Very excited that Amber from OKC is going to try her hand at promotions with the other bars. Go Amber.

I feel almost human today. Rough month. I want to say this. I am sorry if you waved at me and I didn’t recognize you. I CAN”T SEE. The eye doctor says this is normal but I don’t think people realize that I truly can’t really see anymore. I can’t see at all close up and it’s just not right further away.

How is the NY bar short on money? The bar does very well? ” well Lil they ordered way too much for several months and all the bills came in at the same time.” Today I wanted to kill someone.  This isn’t rocket science. We train the managers to do proper inventories. No one should ever over order. That bar has so little variance month to month why the fuck did they stray off of that?

I need to go to bed and start over.

Yes I saw 50 Shades of Grey. Yes I am in love with Jamie Dornan. ( Watch him in the series titled The Fall). My god his body is crazy good. She looks good too. A sexy very natural body. Not a model’s body. But a real woman’s body. There is one scene that made me think ” as an actress maybe she should of toned her legs a little bit more?” But then I thought about college and that the only exercise we did was walking to the bars near campus.  Toned legs would be out of character. I thought her butt looked good. Very natural. Yes woman look at other woman.  If they are naked on a huge screen for all to see, well open your eyes and look! Today’s gratitude is to Jamie Dornan. For two hours I did not want to kill anyone. I love you Jamie!!

So sad that I missed the NY anniversary party. I kept getting texts from Lee and Daniel. Very very busy!!! Of course some idiot kicked over the toilet and now they need a new one. I do not understand the vandalization of the bathroom. Drinking = more bathroom time. Why on god’s green earth would you want to ruin something that you desperately need when drinking?

I finished my first triathlon of the season. Big mistake wearing my brand new full sleeved wetsuit for the swim. Big mistake. I could barely move my arms. When I got home I felt like I had done a really hard arm weight lifting class. Oh well.

On facebook I saw a  posted picture from the tv show ” My 600 lb life ” , one of the interviewees was wearing a Coyote Ugly Hat!! Awesome!! I don’t think he is the 600 lb person.My 600 lb life

So sad I am missing the NY anniversary tomorrow. I just couldn’t pull it off this year. Today is my son’s dad’s birthday and he put in a request to go away so I had to oblige since my schedule has been so hectic and he is always accomodating.

This is the first NYC anniversary I have missed in 22 years.

By the way, 2 am I was getting texts from Daniel ” The NYC bar is flooding.” ” Lil really it is.” Urgh.  It appears that a pipe burst in the 3rd floor apartment and came all the way down to us. Always something.

I signed up for a short triathlon tomorrow. It’s been super cold in the mornings. I may bag the swim and do the bike and run. Dinesti and Daniel ( our swim coach) both bailed on me. So it’s just me. Not quite as fun.

” Mom I would rather be a janitor in a NYC Subway station then my high school. Jackson has had me laughing hysterically. ” Mom today’s principal’s bullet points for the day started with ” the person or people that have been throwing feces in the boy’s bathrooms will be facing severe disciplinary consequences.” Oh god so gross. Of course I told Kevin and Lee . Kevin seemed to think this was normal behavior. ” When I was on the wrestling team they would throw pooh in the shower and call it pooh bombs. ” So f gross.  I think there must be mental illness or a mental handicap for someone to do this. HMMM Kevin?

Mardi Gras is officially over. The bars did well. Also the traveling team in New Orleans rocked!!! So nice to get so many positive reviews. I am sure I will be hearing some funny stories from them. ( after they sleep and regroup)

Congrats to Justin, VP Of World domination, A new Precious baby girl. So happy for him. A Fat Tuesday baby. And today my trainer Jim and his wife had a baby boy. Happiness is all around us.

This is the sunset from my house. So nice to be home.IMG_4396

Home from Mardi Gras. My Bar, 2 balls, and a million parades done! A lot of fun but my god I need to stay in and veg all week after that. The Endymion Ball.  If you don’t know what this event is let me give you a visual description. Think Mardi Gras and mix it with Lollapooloza. Now take that visual and then add 10,000 peopl all wearing full length ball gowns and tuxes. WILD WILD WILD. Note to self : NEVER wear a mermaid gown to a mardi gras ball. I had to shuffle half steps to walk and there is no way to go to the bathroom without removing the whole dress!! Today San Diego Mardi Gras. The bar will be packed all day! Two bars are going to have sick numbers today!!!

FullSizeRenderIMG_4377 FullSizeRender

A lot going on today at work. There is a person who has sent me many gifts at the San Diego bar. After a year of sending me gifts , I met him in person for the first time at the anniversary party and verbally thanked him. Today Dinesti called to say that this same guy has sent a pillar of pastries and jewelery for me. I am very appreciative for anyone that thinks of me in such a kind manner but I feel like it’s time for these gifts to stop. I very rarely talk about my personal life but I do have one and these gifts would be better for someone more available. IMG_4247IMG_4248

Always something. San Diego had an incident last night. Reading the emails going back and forth. Oh brother.
Can’t seem to access any of the logs. Something screwy with my phone. I am guessing they will all say that we netted millions of dollars at all the bars. Everyone had an incredible time. And each manager has been awarded a key to their various cities.
Big weekend in New Orleans. Mardi Gras, A festival I always dreaded when I lived there. Now I am spending thousands to go back to check on the bar and go to several Mardi Gras Balls. Plane tickets, 2 ball gowns, 6 VIP Tickets to Endymion, and 2 Bacchus Ball tickets. This weekend is costing me a fortune.
I didn’t realize that I scheduled the NY anniversary the same weekend as my son’s dad’s birthday . Sorry but I will miss the 22nd anniversary party. I always feel so guilty when I can’t go to the anniversaries. LIFE has been hectic .

” Justin make some miracles happen!” Hoping Justin can close on South Africa, Tokyo, London, and Australia this year. That’s my goal for him! Bars did really well on Saturday. OKC showing some life and Nashville back on top. Nice to see things running well.
Some guy stole checks out of the Denver bar’s mailbox. Not only did his full face get recorded on our security camera. He went to his bank and deposited our checks using his real name. That’s a whole new level of dumb.
A bit overwhelmed today . This will pass


Nothing like perserving a moment on the San Diego security cameras. This is Kevin tripping on his own crutches at the San Diego 1 year anniversary party. The best is Mac laughing in the backround.
Very fun night in SD. A really wonderful break from crisis

Back to work. Thank goodness. I need to get back to routine. A million calls about Key West today. Talks about managers.( Daniel, I can’t stand anyone right now. Can we talk about the great porters over the years to put me in a better mood?” Blah blah blah The Grind.
IMG_0027IMG_0028” Daniel why aren’t you getting the stuff Kevin specified?” ” Because Kevin thinks I am mentally handicapped and incapable of getting it.” Well if it makes you feel better he thinks everyone is incapable. Worst mistake ever was giving Kevin an intern. He wouldn’t allow the guy to even get coffee.
Ok my photos came back from the photoshoot. Well my body looks good Butta Face. An ex boyfriend used to say Block or More. ( She looks really good from a block or more away) ” Lee can you superimpose anyone’s face over mine? ” Regardless I like theses two pictures!!

Yesterday at my sister’s house after the funeral my mother spoke to me through one of my sister’s friends ” Liliana, here’s my lipstick. I think you should go put some on.” I have never liked wearing bold lipstick or blush but my whole life into my 40s my mother would greet me when I visited ” You need some lipstick and rouge. ” So I wore that bright lipstick proudly to honor my mom.
” Lil this might not be a good time but I need to talk to you about work.” Really? This was a letter I received from Marsha yesterday. ” Really Marsha we need to speak about work on the day of my mother’s funeral?” LOl you have to laugh at that.
Back home now. Going to get back into the rythym of life.