Lil Spill

February 27, 2015

“Brick my brick my citizens” Key West is starting to show some life. Good job Mac. Happy you are down there. Great talk with him today.

NYC not so much. Let’s call that Human error.  The weather is killing the Nashville bar. Last night San Diego and San Antonio holding with the high numbers.  Overall we are starting to shine. Spring Break is coming!!!!

Yesterday Jeff called bright and early in the morning. Well Tommy is on his shit list. Daniel is a tad but Jeff seems very upset with Tommy. It will take Tommy years to get back in Jeff’s good graces. It’s almost comical.

Doing a half marathon with SD bar next week. Shit I am not ready!!

Very excited that Amber from OKC is going to try her hand at promotions with the other bars. Go Amber.

I feel almost human today. Rough month. I want to say this. I am sorry if you waved at me and I didn’t recognize you. I CAN”T SEE. The eye doctor says this is normal but I don’t think people realize that I truly can’t really see anymore. I can’t see at all close up and it’s just not right further away.

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