Lil Spill

February 25, 2015

How is the NY bar short on money? The bar does very well? ” well Lil they ordered way too much for several months and all the bills came in at the same time.” Today I wanted to kill someone.  This isn’t rocket science. We train the managers to do proper inventories. No one should ever over order. That bar has so little variance month to month why the fuck did they stray off of that?

I need to go to bed and start over.

Yes I saw 50 Shades of Grey. Yes I am in love with Jamie Dornan. ( Watch him in the series titled The Fall). My god his body is crazy good. She looks good too. A sexy very natural body. Not a model’s body. But a real woman’s body. There is one scene that made me think ” as an actress maybe she should of toned her legs a little bit more?” But then I thought about college and that the only exercise we did was walking to the bars near campus.  Toned legs would be out of character. I thought her butt looked good. Very natural. Yes woman look at other woman.  If they are naked on a huge screen for all to see, well open your eyes and look! Today’s gratitude is to Jamie Dornan. For two hours I did not want to kill anyone. I love you Jamie!!

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Ahh, the ebb and flow of cash.