Lil Spill

February 6, 2015


Nothing like perserving a moment on the San Diego security cameras. This is Kevin tripping on his own crutches at the San Diego 1 year anniversary party. The best is Mac laughing in the backround.
Very fun night in SD. A really wonderful break from crisis

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That is not the worst I have seen in Coyote Ugly, I was in one of the bars about 10 days ago, had a few beers and shots and my tab was a whopping $300. Seems that the bartenders also think it is okay to drink on the tab of their customers.

Michael mallon

Lil it 's time to clean house.

Michael mallon

I've been saying that for years..they act as if they own the bar.


I have to tell you Lil that the bouncers at your NY bar are terrible. They are constantly pushing customers out of the way just to wipe the bar that is already dry or toss empty beers away. Also, you do not need to have 3 bouncers working at such a small bar. It is ridiculous! They are constantly in the way and pushing customers aside just to show their authority. I notice patrons leaving in large groups due to them being so annoying. I mean who wants to constantly be pushed around by security, while trying to enjoy themselves??