Lil Spill

February 3, 2015

Back to work. Thank goodness. I need to get back to routine. A million calls about Key West today. Talks about managers.( Daniel, I can’t stand anyone right now. Can we talk about the great porters over the years to put me in a better mood?” Blah blah blah The Grind.
IMG_0027IMG_0028” Daniel why aren’t you getting the stuff Kevin specified?” ” Because Kevin thinks I am mentally handicapped and incapable of getting it.” Well if it makes you feel better he thinks everyone is incapable. Worst mistake ever was giving Kevin an intern. He wouldn’t allow the guy to even get coffee.
Ok my photos came back from the photoshoot. Well my body looks good Butta Face. An ex boyfriend used to say Block or More. ( She looks really good from a block or more away) ” Lee can you superimpose anyone’s face over mine? ” Regardless I like theses two pictures!!

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You both look great!


A few things Lil. 1. Tell your ex boyfriend to try this line from a Gilbert and Sullivan opera. "She could pass for forty seven at dusk with the light behind her." 2. Was posted this. You should view it.