Lil Spill

February 1, 2015

Yesterday at my sister’s house after the funeral my mother spoke to me through one of my sister’s friends ” Liliana, here’s my lipstick. I think you should go put some on.” I have never liked wearing bold lipstick or blush but my whole life into my 40s my mother would greet me when I visited ” You need some lipstick and rouge. ” So I wore that bright lipstick proudly to honor my mom.
” Lil this might not be a good time but I need to talk to you about work.” Really? This was a letter I received from Marsha yesterday. ” Really Marsha we need to speak about work on the day of my mother’s funeral?” LOl you have to laugh at that.
Back home now. Going to get back into the rythym of life.

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Liliana Lovell

Thank You . Very kind sentiments


I am sorry for your loss. So many times I have read your blogs and enjoyed your sense of humor. Today, I related to your sense of loss and your sense of your mother's presence. May you find comfort in that throughout your life.


Lil losing a parent is tough. I lost my dad six months ago, his birthday was on Friday and I was a wreck but thanks to your staff at the New Orleans bar I made it through. All the best to you, Feel free to reach out if you need to talk.


Arvo Part's Mirror in Mirror or its real name Spiegel im Spiegel. In YouTube you could choose one of the following, or or


Following on from Frank, copy Jackson and listen to classical music. You can draw on its emotional energy. This doesn't mean loud powerful music. To lift your soul try listening to Arvo Part's Mirror in Mirror - simple gentle soothing. But most of all be kind to yourself, you need it.


Wishing you a short healing process.