Lil Spill

February 17, 2015

Home from Mardi Gras. My Bar, 2 balls, and a million parades done! A lot of fun but my god I need to stay in and veg all week after that. The Endymion Ball.  If you don’t know what this event is let me give you a visual description. Think Mardi Gras and mix it with Lollapooloza. Now take that visual and then add 10,000 peopl all wearing full length ball gowns and tuxes. WILD WILD WILD. Note to self : NEVER wear a mermaid gown to a mardi gras ball. I had to shuffle half steps to walk and there is no way to go to the bathroom without removing the whole dress!! Today San Diego Mardi Gras. The bar will be packed all day! Two bars are going to have sick numbers today!!!

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Just went to Coyote Ugly in Panama Beach this past week. What a cool place. We came from Ontario Canada. Thinking another Coyote Ugly location would be great to have here in Niagara Falls Ont. Just saying :)