Lil Spill

February 22, 2015

So sad I am missing the NY anniversary tomorrow. I just couldn’t pull it off this year. Today is my son’s dad’s birthday and he put in a request to go away so I had to oblige since my schedule has been so hectic and he is always accomodating.

This is the first NYC anniversary I have missed in 22 years.

By the way, 2 am I was getting texts from Daniel ” The NYC bar is flooding.” ” Lil really it is.” Urgh.  It appears that a pipe burst in the 3rd floor apartment and came all the way down to us. Always something.

I signed up for a short triathlon tomorrow. It’s been super cold in the mornings. I may bag the swim and do the bike and run. Dinesti and Daniel ( our swim coach) both bailed on me. So it’s just me. Not quite as fun.

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