Lil Spill

February 18, 2015

” Mom I would rather be a janitor in a NYC Subway station then my high school. Jackson has had me laughing hysterically. ” Mom today’s principal’s bullet points for the day started with ” the person or people that have been throwing feces in the boy’s bathrooms will be facing severe disciplinary consequences.” Oh god so gross. Of course I told Kevin and Lee . Kevin seemed to think this was normal behavior. ” When I was on the wrestling team they would throw pooh in the shower and call it pooh bombs. ” So f gross.  I think there must be mental illness or a mental handicap for someone to do this. HMMM Kevin?

Mardi Gras is officially over. The bars did well. Also the traveling team in New Orleans rocked!!! So nice to get so many positive reviews. I am sure I will be hearing some funny stories from them. ( after they sleep and regroup)

Congrats to Justin, VP Of World domination, A new Precious baby girl. So happy for him. A Fat Tuesday baby. And today my trainer Jim and his wife had a baby boy. Happiness is all around us.

This is the sunset from my house. So nice to be home.IMG_4396

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Lil I have been to several of your bars and I am considered a regular in the Austin and NYC Coyotes, Each have their personalities and are great bars, Coyote is the only bar I talk to the bouncers as well as the bartenders because they are great people


Lil - to me the front of the house business should be the priority, not the also.

Mike Vito

Lil don't let them stress you out. They all talk shit.

Liliana Lovell

Ah the commentary of the regulars. It's a hard job to keep both sides happy. There is a lot of work that goes into running a bar. A lot of paperwork. But there is also the front of the house business that want to make customers and the boss happy. Very difficult juggling act. I think in the next month the bar will have a nice flow to it


Who"s "Tawny" and "Geno"? Sorry I drank all the Jack, I need to get fired up before I do body shots off on of the new hot bartenders. Oh and by the way if you want to air you opinions publicly thats cool but don't include me in the drama.


Um to whoever feels the need to drop the names of GINO and eric please do not ever do so. You have Your Opinion. Do not use my name or eric's without permission


I have been very disappointed recently with the over the top repressive management style where management has been chastising both staff and customers.

Secret Admirer

Lil, if you want to know why your New York bar is dying, stop asking Tawny and ask the people who know, like your best bartenders and your BMF's. They will cover for Tawny and wont rat her out because they want to keep their jobs and are afraid of her, but they are loyal to you so they will tell you if you take them and ask them. And ask your daytime regulars. Eric and Geno can see what is happening, and the couple of night regulars who come in anymore know what is wrong. They know why the hiring is tragic, everything dirty and broken stays dirty and broken, the clueless new girls stay clueless even though Maya and Mesha show them how to sell and entertain, and the liquor is chaos. No Fireball or Patron or Jack or Jameson or buttloads of other stuff two weekends in a row. They know why the schedule makes no sense. You have got two great girls (Maya and Mesha), one decent girl, and new girls who are not getting better and don't think they need to. A smart schedule would get the most out of the little you have got, but there is a reason it is the way it is. When Corporate comes, all they do is talk to Tawny, who does not listen to anybody ever, but knows how to blame people and be likable. And everything stays the fucked up way it was. And you miss the chance to earn. The last manager needed to be fired, but at least she hired amazing girls, showed them how to be Coyotes, and packed the place. Talk to the right people in private and you will see what's what. It will be easy to fix.