Great time in New Orleans . Dragged Leslie to the Turkey Trot Thursday morning . The kids from Kenner boxing club surprised me and ran with us!! I love those kids. I miss my homies. I got to Chantel’s house before they say down to dinner. Of course family drama ” a toast to dysfunction families everywhere !”. Reminded me of home ! Then I went to my friend Leslie’s house . Of course family drama there too. I love it !! It’s just not the holidays if the cops aren’t called and someone gets kicked out! Again I love it . Reminds me of my family . I stayed in Metairie so I wasn’t able to go to my bar. I will come back in January.

My damn car had to get towed, AGAIN! It’s a year old!!!Well lemons turned into Lemonade. They let me take a Porsche convertible as my loaner car. I could have a bag on my head and look hot in that car!! Bars sucking.
Heading to New Orleans tomorrow.

Thank you Denver for giving me hope to carry on after opening all the manager’s logs this morning. Thank You!
This morning a group of us decided to hold the New Orleans Anniversary party on the day of the Rock and Roll half Marathon. We would raise money for a charity and thenIMG_4759 celebrate at the bar. Daniel doesn’t seem to want to do this. So Lee created a sign for Daniel to hold up when we pass the bar at mile 8. ( Of course the sign is written in a way that exemplifies how drunk Daniel will be at that point.) I think we will all use this photo as Daniel’s new phone ID picture.

This is the conversation between Jeremy and myself.
Jeremy :I ran today and swam
Me: I ran hill repeats and elliptical
Jeremy: Cutting carbs
Me: Need some carbs to have fuel
Jeremy : Please tell me Wine isn’t part of the carb cutting
Me: That’s only for obese people. People like you and me need wine to be nice to others. It makes us better people.

I got an invitation to Richard Branson’s Neckar Island for a seminar. What’s the catch?

Woke up today car battery dead. URGH. Bars sucked too.
I am eating like I was stranded without food for weeks. Damn this bet. Now I have less then two weeks to get a 6 pack. Urgh
On a good note. Seattle might have our next location. Fingers crossed!!!

How in the world does a quadruple amputee kill his parents then drive and kill himself? I was definitely lured into this article. The first article gave absolutely no description so I had to delve in deeper to find out about this man. It appears that he walked with the use of prosthetics and his hands were partially gone from a case of meningitis when he was 16. Initially I was Envisioning this man in a wheelchair using the poker in his mouth to kill his parents . I figured that was a stretch but driving a car and using the poker to kill himself seemed impossible.
Daniel on a rampage yesterday. Thank god I don’t work for him. Lol. Woke up this morning thinking ” how do I get the Key West managers to be more efficient with their time and improve the quality of their work?” I have a temporary solution in my mind but I don’t think I have enough pieces in the correct place to make it work.
Jackson came home from school super sick. I got him all set up on the couch with home made soup and we were watching a show (Kevin like his unofficial bad uncle introduced him to Southpark at 11 and at 14.5 Archer). So we were watching Archer. All of a sudden he turned to me and said ” mom lets get some cheese and crackers up in this bitch.” I have been laughing so hard about that. Perhaps not the parenting some would approve of but in our house as long as you get good grades , exercise your body, and act in a manner kind to others cursing is allowed.

” Lil good job!” Let me paint the picture of when my trainer said this to me:
I was laying on my side in gravel on a road with my bike on top of me. Really Jim (Jim Vance) that’s what you Fucking say after I fucking fall? ” well you braced for the fall very well.” I have ridden with him with the clip ins on my road bike and he is well aware of how terrified I am . He usually says ” You have never gotten hurt while you are with me.” So I said to him today ” I guess you can’t say that I have never gotten hurt with you.” His response ” ok you have never gotten killed while you are with me.” I don’t find comfort in that.
Daniel has been hammering the Key West managers today. You want to keep him off your back do every item from beginning till completion . Starting something and not finishing it is failure. And lazy.

Happy Veteran’s Day
When I wake in the morning I drink my coffee, check work emails, and read the news of the day. Today I was drawn to an article about The Founder of Mormonism having had 40 wives. This is how he convinced his followers that it was ok for pluralistic marriage; “According to the church’s essay, Smith had not wanted to take multiple wives, but relented after an angel appeared to him three times between 1834-1842. On the angel’s last visit, the church said, “the angel came with a drawn sword, threatening Joseph with destruction unless he went forward and obeyed the commandment fully.”
The first thought of course is ” score ” this guy convinced everyone that it was god’s will for him to have sexual contact with many women. Good for him that he was able to convince others including his first wife that it was alright to be sexually active with multiple ladies. But why marry them? Sounds like God sent the angel to torture him. 40 wives ? Can you imagine the kind of bickering and hormonal whining that would be going on every day?
New Story:
My mother was officially kicked out of her assisted living home. My sister had to move her to another place. I cringe thinking about how ornery my mom is with the nurses and care takers. What a handful. Even when calling me if I don’t answer immediately she starts calling Jackson incessantly. “Mom, Mamma Luz said she needs a map immediately.” What? World map? Highway map? Next day she will call me. ” I ran out of coffee please send the New Orleans coffee or I am going to kill myself because my life is so horrible. ” My poor sister lives very close to my mother I can only imagine the hundreds of calls she gets. I feel for my mom because aging is not graceful and her body has become unusable in many ways but the bad attitude and constant complaining makes me wonder if the nurses are spitting in her drink daily?

While the world is watching the republicans take the senate, ISIS kill more people, kidnappings, shark attacks, and the dreaded Kim Kardashian, I have been mesmerized by the article on celebrities that shouldn’t wear sandals. I had a boyfriend who would start to gag if he saw a woman with ugly feet. All the women who took ballet from early years through high school, have ugly feet. I can spot them from a mile away. Runners have ugly toes. Sometimes losing a toe nail. Getting blisters and calluses. The everyday stiletto wearing women have ugly feet. I am sure there are many more to add to the list.
80 degrees today in San Diego . So hot, yuck.
Bars doing well. Jeremy is keeping me on my game. We entered the Key west triathlon and the Half Ironman in New Orleans so everyday we report to each other on our accomplishments. Today 4 mile run/ 7 mile bike. Will swim later.

The San Diego bar is sponsoring a child from the Make a Wish Foundation. He’s 7 . His name is Colby and he has Lymphoma. OMG He is so adorable. When I get the Website info I will post it. This child is sweet. Makes you realize how fortunate most of us are.
Jackson has been certified as a coach through the Special olympics. He is drawn to the kids with Autism. I can’t tell you the happiness in his heart after a night volunteering. They are mostly autistic kids . He has such pride when they can communicate . My kid has a good soul.
KW staff joining the Key West triathlon!!

November 1st The San Diego bar started a 30 day get in shape challenge for the staff. Everyone has until Friday to give Dinesti a Before picture. At the end of the 30 days the person showing the most improvement via their before and after pictures wins. Mac and I also threw our names into the hat. Our side bet: which one of us can have the best abs in the 30 days . Honestly it will be easier for him since he’s a man but I think I can define more and hopefully that will help me win. Let the games begin!!


Wait shit Thanksgiving !!! Fuck!!!