Lil Spill

November 11, 2014

Happy Veteran’s Day
When I wake in the morning I drink my coffee, check work emails, and read the news of the day. Today I was drawn to an article about The Founder of Mormonism having had 40 wives. This is how he convinced his followers that it was ok for pluralistic marriage; “According to the church’s essay, Smith had not wanted to take multiple wives, but relented after an angel appeared to him three times between 1834-1842. On the angel’s last visit, the church said, “the angel came with a drawn sword, threatening Joseph with destruction unless he went forward and obeyed the commandment fully.”
The first thought of course is ” score ” this guy convinced everyone that it was god’s will for him to have sexual contact with many women. Good for him that he was able to convince others including his first wife that it was alright to be sexually active with multiple ladies. But why marry them? Sounds like God sent the angel to torture him. 40 wives ? Can you imagine the kind of bickering and hormonal whining that would be going on every day?
New Story:
My mother was officially kicked out of her assisted living home. My sister had to move her to another place. I cringe thinking about how ornery my mom is with the nurses and care takers. What a handful. Even when calling me if I don’t answer immediately she starts calling Jackson incessantly. “Mom, Mamma Luz said she needs a map immediately.” What? World map? Highway map? Next day she will call me. ” I ran out of coffee please send the New Orleans coffee or I am going to kill myself because my life is so horrible. ” My poor sister lives very close to my mother I can only imagine the hundreds of calls she gets. I feel for my mom because aging is not graceful and her body has become unusable in many ways but the bad attitude and constant complaining makes me wonder if the nurses are spitting in her drink daily?

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Liliana Lovell



As for Joe. My folks, years ago, had a Moslem friend from Pakistan. Aszam used to say it was easy to measure the intelligence of a male. It was the inverse of the number of wives he had. 4 = really stupid 1 = smart.


I've been very lucky. My mom passed away 12y ago. Lived her last 7 y comfortably in a nursing home. She had dementure and didn't recognize me as her son but I became her brother Bill. She passed in her sleep. 2 years ago Dad, at close to 98 y, "fell in his own kitchen" and died in hospital 1 week later after telling me he'd had enough.

Sherri McFadden

Sounds like my mom, Lil. The nursing home called us and said we have to come get her because she is hitting other patients and being so ornery to the nurses....yelling and screaming at them and she is to demanding. Sooo, we took her back to her house and I quit my job to take care of her. She died a few days later. It's never easy is it. Good luck with your mom and your sister must have the patience of Jobe!!!


I work in the healthcare industry and I must say that a bad attitude is a daily occurrence in assisted living and skilled nursing. Your mother is not alone in hating the confinement and the atmosphere.