Lil Spill

November 13, 2014

” Lil good job!” Let me paint the picture of when my trainer said this to me:
I was laying on my side in gravel on a road with my bike on top of me. Really Jim (Jim Vance) that’s what you Fucking say after I fucking fall? ” well you braced for the fall very well.” I have ridden with him with the clip ins on my road bike and he is well aware of how terrified I am . He usually says ” You have never gotten hurt while you are with me.” So I said to him today ” I guess you can’t say that I have never gotten hurt with you.” His response ” ok you have never gotten killed while you are with me.” I don’t find comfort in that.
Daniel has been hammering the Key West managers today. You want to keep him off your back do every item from beginning till completion . Starting something and not finishing it is failure. And lazy.

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