Lil Spill

November 17, 2014

What a great hero story.
Thank god for the San Diego bar last night!! Great Kegs and Eggs for them. I went there Friday night. Staff seemed on point. Dinesti always charming.
Today’s call from Daniel ” Key West and Milwaukee”. Always fun to start a Monday

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I concur that it is a great piece, it made the national news yesterday. Farts do cause me to laugh although I knew a guy in college who used to light his farts and once he did and it blew out his colon, so I recommend that people let it dissipate as the solution to pollution is dilution.


Agreed Lil. A great hero story. And for Frank. Penn Farthing is lucky he’s a male. Farting with males is usually a reason to laugh. And Penny, well.... But I once knew a girl named Penelope Wise. She insisted on being called Penelope. Obviously not intending to be long suffering.


I read Farting and not Farthing the first time. Gotta love when your brain plays tricks on you. I guess I have gas on the mind since I am rather flatulent today.