Lil Spill

November 7, 2014

While the world is watching the republicans take the senate, ISIS kill more people, kidnappings, shark attacks, and the dreaded Kim Kardashian, I have been mesmerized by the article on celebrities that shouldn’t wear sandals. I had a boyfriend who would start to gag if he saw a woman with ugly feet. All the women who took ballet from early years through high school, have ugly feet. I can spot them from a mile away. Runners have ugly toes. Sometimes losing a toe nail. Getting blisters and calluses. The everyday stiletto wearing women have ugly feet. I am sure there are many more to add to the list.
80 degrees today in San Diego . So hot, yuck.
Bars doing well. Jeremy is keeping me on my game. We entered the Key west triathlon and the Half Ironman in New Orleans so everyday we report to each other on our accomplishments. Today 4 mile run/ 7 mile bike. Will swim later.

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What would it be like to play footsie with a girl with toes like that?


Watched it ---- yuck! Thank heaven I'm not a female celebrity. My feet are old and ugly.


Shark attacks, and the dreaded Kim Kardashian... Don’t you mean ‘shark attacks by the dreaded Kim Kardashian’. Real sharks do nothing but live their life being just sharks. As for feet, here is a girl who’s half gymnast half ballet dancer. A rhythmic gymnast. Check out her feet. And keep your eye on the ball while all the time believing what you see.