Lil Spill

November 29, 2014

Great time in New Orleans . Dragged Leslie to the Turkey Trot Thursday morning . The kids from Kenner boxing club surprised me and ran with us!! I love those kids. I miss my homies. I got to Chantel’s house before they say down to dinner. Of course family drama ” a toast to dysfunction families everywhere !”. Reminded me of home ! Then I went to my friend Leslie’s house . Of course family drama there too. I love it !! It’s just not the holidays if the cops aren’t called and someone gets kicked out! Again I love it . Reminds me of my family . I stayed in Metairie so I wasn’t able to go to my bar. I will come back in January.

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Perhaps I am a strange bird, but if I were to live 2,500 miles from my business I would have made a point to stop in while in town. Although I am glad that you appear to trust your staff.