Lil Spill

November 5, 2014

The San Diego bar is sponsoring a child from the Make a Wish Foundation. He’s 7 . His name is Colby and he has Lymphoma. OMG He is so adorable. When I get the Website info I will post it. This child is sweet. Makes you realize how fortunate most of us are.
Jackson has been certified as a coach through the Special olympics. He is drawn to the kids with Autism. I can’t tell you the happiness in his heart after a night volunteering. They are mostly autistic kids . He has such pride when they can communicate . My kid has a good soul.
KW staff joining the Key West triathlon!!

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Liliana Lovell

It's wonderful to see what a good soul he has. Thank You


Sounds like the apple that fell not far from the tree is starting to take root.

Sherri McFadden

Sounds like he has a good mama.