Lil Spill

November 14, 2014

How in the world does a quadruple amputee kill his parents then drive and kill himself? I was definitely lured into this article. The first article gave absolutely no description so I had to delve in deeper to find out about this man. It appears that he walked with the use of prosthetics and his hands were partially gone from a case of meningitis when he was 16. Initially I was Envisioning this man in a wheelchair using the poker in his mouth to kill his parents . I figured that was a stretch but driving a car and using the poker to kill himself seemed impossible.
Daniel on a rampage yesterday. Thank god I don’t work for him. Lol. Woke up this morning thinking ” how do I get the Key West managers to be more efficient with their time and improve the quality of their work?” I have a temporary solution in my mind but I don’t think I have enough pieces in the correct place to make it work.
Jackson came home from school super sick. I got him all set up on the couch with home made soup and we were watching a show (Kevin like his unofficial bad uncle introduced him to Southpark at 11 and at 14.5 Archer). So we were watching Archer. All of a sudden he turned to me and said ” mom lets get some cheese and crackers up in this bitch.” I have been laughing so hard about that. Perhaps not the parenting some would approve of but in our house as long as you get good grades , exercise your body, and act in a manner kind to others cursing is allowed.

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Liliana at times you take my breath away with the mental pictures you paint in my mind. For this to happen the artist, you, must first have painted a similar picture in their mind. Having read Lil Spill for way to many years, and having read ‘Lil’s story’ along with comments penned by Liz Gilbert, I’ve figured that in your mind there is an ongoing and highly fanciful movie version of the real world. I ask that you never let your mind run out of film. PS Southpark good! Jackson has obviously decided that Cartman is someone not to be copied.