” dude the Japanese make great music!”
” no ‘dude’. The crap you make me listen to from your favorite animes arent considered great music.”
” mom it’s awesome”
” ‘dude ‘ you are only feeling a psychological response to liking the shows”
” mom your wrong ”
” Jackson I have spent hours listening to music with you and without you. Anime theme songs are not great music.”
This is the heated discussion going on in my house right now.
The Saints are killing me right now.

Everyone is sick. Jackson is sick. I am feeling icky. And Daniel had to receive 2 shots and some prescriptions? Hmm?
Jeff manned our Coyote Ugly Booth in Vancouver this past weekend. Today on our conference call he said ” Lil there is a homeless, crazy guy in Vancouver who sat for 2 days at our booth and thinks the two of you are destined to be together.” Ok 1. Define Homeless and 2. How crazy? lol

” Lil what’s a 7and 7 ? I can’t find it on Aloha?”
It’s Seagrams 7,
” what’s the other 7?”
Oh my!
” Lil so sorry I am late but I was blowing fire at a wedding” well that’s a first .
Key West was rocking this weekend. Although Last night was slow . I already can see a numbers trend when the cruise ships aren’t in town. Off to catch a plane.

Scene:Macy’s I am walking with a bag of school clothes for Jackson
Whole conversation in Spanish
Woman:do you speak Spanish?
Me:a little
Woman: are you Colombian
Me: ( feeling a creepy vibe) yes
Woman: do you know what foreigners do with their sales tax receipts?
Me: I think you can bring them to the airport and get a credit for the taxes you paid
Woman: can I have your receipts
Me: ( in English) hell No
After this incident I called my sister and described what happened . Both of us in unison “I can totally see mom pulling that shit too”
Bars doing great! ” San Antonio, Key West is cleaning your clock! ” lol

Key West is rocking.
A few locals have written negative things about us. From what I am hearing from our staff, that is very common behavior by the Key West locals.
I want to correct some of Inaccurate “facts” that have been mentioned.
1. That we only hired our people from other states.
Totally false. Out of approximately 32 people we brought in 7 outside trainers to help train staff. 25 ( maybe more now since we are still hiring) are LOCALS!
2. We will only last 2 months
The bar is fantastic so sorry but we will be open for many many years.
I am heading to Key West Saturday.
I am trying to get ready for the My trip to Siberia, Ekatinberg, and Romania! Bam 2 more bars opening! As all women think ” what the hell should I wear in Siberia.”

Sitting in an aisle seat on Southwest. There is an older gentlemen sitting in the window seat in my row. As people start piling on the plane he leans over to me and says ” we have zero chances of our middle seat staying empty. You are like a target . A target for big guys cause you are so small and creepy guys … Just because. ” lol
Gratitude to Marsha. Marsha and I have become good friends and what’s better then having a female friend who can look at you and say ” Lil you need more makeup!” but not only can she say that but because she was a makeup artist she can fix me right then and there!

” you are living my dream!”
I just met a man on my southwest flight that travels around the world going to exotic places. Bora Bora, Serenghetti, Antarctica . He saves up and takes these once in a lifetime trips every couple of years. His next spot being Necar Island , the Branson private island. Yes I travel a lot for work but for pleasure to see unbelievable sites sounds incredible . He showed me pictures of his Bora Bora trip. Don’t know about putting a Coyote on Bora Bora but now it’s my goal to hit some of these beautifully, magical places.
Just landed in Dallas. Heading to check out a spot in Fort Worth

I just dropped Jackson off at a dance. These girls saw him and started screaming” Jackson’s here, Jackson’s here” like he was Justin Bieber. I called his dad afterwards to tell him about it. He said ” who knew braces and pimples would be part of his mojo?” lol
Bars are rocking today.

My bar rocks! Key West opening was outstanding! When the girls did our new water Dance it was spectacular ! Thanks to Chantel, Katie, and Lizzie for putting that together. We unveiled our new “Devil Went Down to Georgia” dance, both Katie and I were nervous but they rocked it!
No opening goes off without a hitch. 2 hours before opening the fire inspector comes in and tells us that we aren’t in compliance with something and we Cant open. Daniel and Kevin were calling everyone trying to get that reversed. Even the landlord helped us. They decided to let us open but until ths issue gets resolved we have to have a certified fire inspector on “watch” duty. He was actually very nice, so it worked out! We had the Russian licensees at the bar. The Panama City, Tampa Bay licensees were in town as well. It was pretty spectacular!
Great job to everyone. Also I want to tell the Key West girls ” thank you so much. The wild turkey commemorative bottle was so thoughtful. I want to cry thinking how sweet that was.” that bottle will never be opened but it will always be placed on my mantle for the world to see. Bam a great night

Big opening day in Key West. The bouncers and barbacks were helping get the bar together last night. One bouncer, while folding tshirts, said ” I didn’t know that working here could be my transition job to The Gap” pretty funny.
I am grateful to my whole staff both Key West and corporate. Everyone is working hard. Thanks and congrats!

Scene: At key West bar. Day before opening.
Guy: ” Lil, I am a friend of your exboyfriends I want a donation.
Me: Excuse me
Guy: You dated Rob in College ” oh and he told me that you couldnt keep your hands off each other”
Me: ( recognition of exboyfriend). “Well did he tell you that he cheated on me and ended up marrying that girl”
Guy: She’s in a coma
Me: your funny
Guy: No she’s really in a coma
Me: Shit
Well after that conversation, I spoke with Rob my exboyfriend and she really is in a coma.
Do the math. Its been a very very long time. This guy broke my heart in college.Regardless, I still dont wish coma on anyone. Kind of sad actually.

Key West has a very funny staff! Bartenders and bouncers. I love it!
This is the first bar that we have done 5 brand new dances during training, pre opening . Today the girls hit their breaking point. Girls were crying left and right. I spoke to a few of them assuring them that we knew they were tired and don’t worry.
I went up to Ainsley, who had cried earlier , to ask if she was alright.
” Are you alright. I know you worked hard”. She didn’t even know what I was speaking about . I then said ” the girls told me you had a bit of a meltdown . ”
Ainsley : ” oh that was because I didn’t like my hair! ”
Me: what?
Ainsley: ” Lil I get very upset when my hair isn’t done properly.”
Me: ” your kidding me right now? ”
Ainsley : ” also Lil I know I didn’t dress right but my PIG peed on my shirt .”
Oh yes. I am not making this shit up. I was shown a picture of her pig.
I had absolutely nothing to say.
The veteran girls did a practice drill of the new Water Dance. OMG it looked awesome! It was one of those moments of true awe and pride.

Last night I get a text from Chantek ” omg I am at dinner talking to Jimmy Graham”. For those of you who don’t know Jimmy Graham he is on The Saints. She said he was so nice. He spoke about the charity work he is doing with Drew Brees. Didn’t drink. Very down to earth. I am so jealous !! Heading to Key Westromorrow. Go Saints

I did my biannual Hair day. Can’t lie it’s looking good. OK trying to change my flight because I don’t want to miss the first Saints game on Sunday. Go Saints!
I have nothing today.