Lil Spill

September 11, 2012

Key West has a very funny staff! Bartenders and bouncers. I love it!
This is the first bar that we have done 5 brand new dances during training, pre opening . Today the girls hit their breaking point. Girls were crying left and right. I spoke to a few of them assuring them that we knew they were tired and don’t worry.
I went up to Ainsley, who had cried earlier , to ask if she was alright.
” Are you alright. I know you worked hard”. She didn’t even know what I was speaking about . I then said ” the girls told me you had a bit of a meltdown . ”
Ainsley : ” oh that was because I didn’t like my hair! ”
Me: what?
Ainsley: ” Lil I get very upset when my hair isn’t done properly.”
Me: ” your kidding me right now? ”
Ainsley : ” also Lil I know I didn’t dress right but my PIG peed on my shirt .”
Oh yes. I am not making this shit up. I was shown a picture of her pig.
I had absolutely nothing to say.
The veteran girls did a practice drill of the new Water Dance. OMG it looked awesome! It was one of those moments of true awe and pride.

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