A week or two ago I was on a flight from Atlanta to Key West. A woman boarded the plane completely drunk and , in my opinion, doped up. She was out of control. Getting out of her seat trying to hit on guys in different rows. Laughing one minute hysterical crying another. Probably early forties but has been ” rode hard and hung up wet” as the expression goes.
Holy Shit she is on my flight right now from Key West to Atlanta. She’s already starting trouble and it’s 730 AM. This should be an interesting flight. Last time she thought I was the girlfriend of this male passenger that she was hitting on. While Slurring ” I see your beautiful. But I hate you for being with him. I Hate you” ( I didn’t even know the guy) . My response in a loud voice ” Turn around in your seat before I get pissed. ” her : ( I hate you). Me: ” I don’t give a fuck if you hate me, turn around and shut up.” That shut her up quick. Funny she doesn’t recognize me at all. This is the type of person who wakes up everyday nursing a hangover . And everyday she starts drinking in the morning. Funny

Life keeps going. I am in Key West. We have a funny crew here. A lot of beauty and a lot of funny funny personality. Katie has them working hard.
Daniel set up food tastings back to back. I am stuffed and I am heading to my next one!
Daniel pulled a hysterical prank on Lizzie . Lizzie walked out of the office and left her laptop wide open to her facebook account. Daniel then uploaded a sonogram picture of a fetus with a caption ” Finally”. Lizzie’s phone started beeping text messages ” congrats!”. Well it was very funny to us. I am sure her parents weren’t quite so amused! lol

Last night one of our New Orleans security staff passed away. He was a kind soul and loving person. I spoke with his mom last night and her grief was so pure and haunting. A good man passed.
“Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. – Richard Bach”

Chantel still doesn’t have power. She is at her Mom’s house with her newborn and three year old, her inlaws, grandparents, and her dog. I can only imagine that she is feeling ready to columbine everyone down. Lol prayer to the universe for her power and her sanity

“Let there be light” At 1030 pm last night I got power! It took between 3 and 4 hours to cool the house but I spent the time doing laundry and feeling at peace. Thanks to the universe. Heading to key west tomorrow !

I think I have hit my limit today. Jackson is not feeling 100% . We went to our house , No power. The dogs are very upset so we spent time exercising them and giving them treats . I am over this! I know a lot of people got power today so I am hoping. I may let Jackson’s dad stay with him at a hotel and head to KW tomorrow. My stress level is so extreme right now on all levels.
I am grateful that I had no real damage to my house. I am grateful that for the first time in 5 days I worked out. I am grateful that I got a flavored late today. And I am very grateful to a few of the Mom’s from Jackson’s old school ( Ecole Bilingue) for being so gratious to us. Also I am grateful to Kevin for talking to Jackson and making him laugh. Thanks