Lil Spill

September 13, 2012

My bar rocks! Key West opening was outstanding! When the girls did our new water Dance it was spectacular ! Thanks to Chantel, Katie, and Lizzie for putting that together. We unveiled our new “Devil Went Down to Georgia” dance, both Katie and I were nervous but they rocked it!
No opening goes off without a hitch. 2 hours before opening the fire inspector comes in and tells us that we aren’t in compliance with something and we Cant open. Daniel and Kevin were calling everyone trying to get that reversed. Even the landlord helped us. They decided to let us open but until ths issue gets resolved we have to have a certified fire inspector on “watch” duty. He was actually very nice, so it worked out! We had the Russian licensees at the bar. The Panama City, Tampa Bay licensees were in town as well. It was pretty spectacular!
Great job to everyone. Also I want to tell the Key West girls ” thank you so much. The wild turkey commemorative bottle was so thoughtful. I want to cry thinking how sweet that was.” that bottle will never be opened but it will always be placed on my mantle for the world to see. Bam a great night

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