Lil Spill

September 20, 2012

Key West is rocking.
A few locals have written negative things about us. From what I am hearing from our staff, that is very common behavior by the Key West locals.
I want to correct some of Inaccurate “facts” that have been mentioned.
1. That we only hired our people from other states.
Totally false. Out of approximately 32 people we brought in 7 outside trainers to help train staff. 25 ( maybe more now since we are still hiring) are LOCALS!
2. We will only last 2 months
The bar is fantastic so sorry but we will be open for many many years.
I am heading to Key West Saturday.
I am trying to get ready for the My trip to Siberia, Ekatinberg, and Romania! Bam 2 more bars opening! As all women think ” what the hell should I wear in Siberia.”

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