Lil Spill

September 12, 2012

Scene: At key West bar. Day before opening.
Guy: ” Lil, I am a friend of your exboyfriends I want a donation.
Me: Excuse me
Guy: You dated Rob in College ” oh and he told me that you couldnt keep your hands off each other”
Me: ( recognition of exboyfriend). “Well did he tell you that he cheated on me and ended up marrying that girl”
Guy: She’s in a coma
Me: your funny
Guy: No she’s really in a coma
Me: Shit
Well after that conversation, I spoke with Rob my exboyfriend and she really is in a coma.
Do the math. Its been a very very long time. This guy broke my heart in college.Regardless, I still dont wish coma on anyone. Kind of sad actually.

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