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March 28, 2016

“God Jackson I look so old in the Fox video interview . ” ” mom just be thankful that you don’t look as old as you actually are.”   Good point . I should be thankful . And the reporter who was very funny and nice was also 5’11” without heels on! Old and short .

Taking the kid to Park City for a couple of days . Then Denver over the weekend .

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March 22, 2016

11148635_10153925322960056_2027658438038475658_n Victoria Break Dancing in Paris at our booth!!! You go girl!!!

So today I went lingerie shopping. The french woman who owned the store said my boobs were gorgeous!  That just made my whole week.

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March 21, 2016

Our team at the Paris tradeshow ! Thanks to Chandler, Victoria, Lee , Justin and the two beautiful interpreters.


Austin rocked for SXSW . Awesome job!!!

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March 17, 2016

” You look like shit. You need a fuck buddy in San Diego.”  Why thanks. Yes that’s what my exhusband said to me yesterday. 1. Spilled water on all of my son’s documents for summer college classes. 2. I was told I look like shit.  3. I Forgot my credit card at the gas station so they canceled my credit card. And 4. My coffee pot broke. All first world problems. But still annoying. The positive accomplishment of  this morning is that I was ranked 342 out of 11,624 in the game boggle.

Wales slatted to open in Mid May. Cross fingers

Talk about first world problems. I just received this text from one of my friends. ” I am in a meeting and I keep getting texts saying there is a porn on my Facebook timeline. Please help.”  That is definitely a first world problem. And yes there is a porn on your Facebook page.

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March 15, 2016

” Women bring in more customers.” I just got back from NYC. Had a ball of course. Met the staff. Hung out with Paula,  the  new gm. As I looked around the NYC bar during the private party, I realized that it was mostly older regulars. There is only 1 day a year that the staff can invite Boyfriends, girlfriends, family. And for 2 hours during that day it’s FREE.  I did not see girlfriends, boyfriends or friends. All I saw were  regulars who have been part of Coyote for years. Harsh or not but I told Paula that I think she needs to start cutting these girls if they don’t embrace more female regulars. This is business.

Fox business tv interview went well. Pretty much a fluff piece . So it was easy. I am sure it will come out well. Back home. I love NY but boy do I love coming home to San Diego.

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March 11, 2016

Note to self: ” don’t take old codeine cough syrup just because you don’t feel like going to the doctor.” So Monday night I took old cough medicine that was in the fridge that Jackson had been prescribed possibly over a year ago. I started feeling sick and wanted to make sure I was well for this weekend in NYC. Within an hour I was throwing up violently . I had to actually get a shot to stop me from throwing up. But the best part of this  was getting up the next morning and seeing the whole lower part of my face and neck completely swollen. That was Monday night. Today it’s Friday and I now have a new double chin. Supposedly it’s filled with lymphatic fluid. ” Doctor please do something.” ” Liliana you will feel better next week. It will all calm down.” ” doctor I don’t give a shit about feeling better but I am doing a tv interview for Fox Business on Sunday and I can not have a double chin!!! Please help me.” They gave me prednisone . But I don’t think it’s really working. Oh well maybe this is the one time when in my company a Burkha may be the best option.

” Paula you can’t ban bikers at the NYC bar. We are a biker bar.”

” Lil they were two bicycle messengers who started a fight in the bar.”

Never in a million years when I got text messages of ”  bikers being banned ” did I think it meant bicycle riders. My apologies Paula.

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March 8, 2016

Wales licensees left today. Austin is getting ready for South By Southwest. We are rocking and rolling. The Wales bar put up a help wanted page. Over 100,000 views already. Crazy.

Denver Girls

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March 7, 2016


Last week’s Coyote Ugly Booth in Mexico City. Lee, Justin, Maya, and Mandy. Great job

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March 2, 2016

John Krasinski So I went out on some dates with a man that had a body Like this. Nice guy but the lords of love did not sweep us away. How the Fuck do I date someone after dating a modern day Adonis? I called Lee ” Lee , I am so shallow. Damn it how am I going to find another one of these ?” The answer was 1. Join a new gym and 2. acknowledge that the pool of these guys in your age range is slim. God Damn it!!

Jeff’s call today. ” some guy claims he fell into the NYC basement 3 years ago and is suing you.” Unfucking believable.

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March 1, 2016

FUN FUN New Orleans anniversary party. The Wales Licensees came in for it. The dance captains from all over the country also came in town. Great time. Thanks Jazz!  I sponsored the Kenner boxing club to do the Half marathon again this year. They did great. New Orleans girls of course did NOT show up for the race. Kevin, Leslie and I did it. I was doing great until mile 7 when my knee just started hurting. So we ended our race at the New Orleans bar which is at mile 9.5. Honestly , I felt pretty good considering I have not been running much.

So I went to Wichita Kansas to meet a friend. Not much to do in Wichita. I actually went bowling . Conference call about a potential documentary about Coyote. Two weeks till NYC anniversary and the Fox business interview. Ready to rock

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