Lil Spill

March 2, 2016

John Krasinski So I went out on some dates with a man that had a body Like this. Nice guy but the lords of love did not sweep us away. How the Fuck do I date someone after dating a modern day Adonis? I called Lee ” Lee , I am so shallow. Damn it how am I going to find another one of these ?” The answer was 1. Join a new gym and 2. acknowledge that the pool of these guys in your age range is slim. God Damn it!!

Jeff’s call today. ” some guy claims he fell into the NYC basement 3 years ago and is suing you.” Unfucking believable.

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I had the opportunity to have dinner with Lee and several traveling Coyote's earlier this week. The dinner was great and as a long time customer I really appreciated Lee saying thanks for your business by picking up the dinner tab. My hat's off to him for that. Thank you Lee.