Lil Spill

March 28, 2016

“God Jackson I look so old in the Fox video interview . ” ” mom just be thankful that you don’t look as old as you actually are.”   Good point . I should be thankful . And the reporter who was very funny and nice was also 5’11” without heels on! Old and short .

Taking the kid to Park City for a couple of days . Then Denver over the weekend .

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And here I thought all the commentary saying was part of the family was actually true. So, I guess I'm just part ofJack's family. And I was gonna be there next week but turmoil at work has caused to change plans.

Mike vito

Damn it Dave the only Coyote family you have is your is Jack and Coke that's why don't remember shit. When you coming to New York, we got to cause some major partying at Lil's joint. Lil you did look Mega rough in the interview, must have been jet lag or old age.


Nice piece Lil, I appreciate the fun I have with my Coyote family. I am glad that the business continues to flourish. Best wishes to all who go out of their way to make Coyote a fun place to visit, I just wish there was a pill to remember things that happen there after midnight. For some strange reason, I seem draw a blank most nights after midnight.