Lil Spill

March 17, 2016

” You look like shit. You need a fuck buddy in San Diego.”  Why thanks. Yes that’s what my exhusband said to me yesterday. 1. Spilled water on all of my son’s documents for summer college classes. 2. I was told I look like shit.  3. I Forgot my credit card at the gas station so they canceled my credit card. And 4. My coffee pot broke. All first world problems. But still annoying. The positive accomplishment of  this morning is that I was ranked 342 out of 11,624 in the game boggle.

Wales slatted to open in Mid May. Cross fingers

Talk about first world problems. I just received this text from one of my friends. ” I am in a meeting and I keep getting texts saying there is a porn on my Facebook timeline. Please help.”  That is definitely a first world problem. And yes there is a porn on your Facebook page.

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Mike Vito

Howdy Brian I haven't seen you in new York bar lately. We're trying to find Lil a good man on dr Phil show, so please help out. Lets send her on the love boat.


mike vito

Hey Dave. Doing well brother, how you doin. Lil needs a good man, that can put up with the BS in her life. She needs a guy that does not retreat or never quits on her, keeps on running with her to the finish line. Problem with Lil she thinks she is to good. Once she accepts and gives someone a chance to come in her life than all good will come for her. Lil you need a damn Love Commando that doesn't give up on you. If she does not change she will be alone and lonely forever.


Hey Mike. How's it going. She sounds lonely and a relationship, in my opinion, cures that faster than alight in the sack.

mike vito

Hey Sherri how you doin huny, where you been all my life? I take it you agree with me on Lil. The Wrath of the love gods have fallen upon Lil. I have been telling Lil, you need to get a good man to keep your ass in check. We all need a person to keep our assssssss in check. She just needs a big one.

Sherri McFadden


Mike Vito

Hi Lil come on now, you don't need a fuck buddy, you just need a good man to look out for you. Lil cut the crap, stop looking for douchebag guys and start looking for a good guy. Lots of good men out there, and your looking for Mr. Adonis that can't even speak. The universal love gods are pissed off at you. Your arrogance is your weakness. The ugly old woman has cursed you, Break the curse. Change your ways.