Lil Spill

March 1, 2016

FUN FUN New Orleans anniversary party. The Wales Licensees came in for it. The dance captains from all over the country also came in town. Great time. Thanks Jazz!  I sponsored the Kenner boxing club to do the Half marathon again this year. They did great. New Orleans girls of course did NOT show up for the race. Kevin, Leslie and I did it. I was doing great until mile 7 when my knee just started hurting. So we ended our race at the New Orleans bar which is at mile 9.5. Honestly , I felt pretty good considering I have not been running much.

So I went to Wichita Kansas to meet a friend. Not much to do in Wichita. I actually went bowling . Conference call about a potential documentary about Coyote. Two weeks till NYC anniversary and the Fox business interview. Ready to rock

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I truly enjoyed the NOLA anniversary party and it was a bonus to see some of your traveling Coyote's who came in for the dance practices. Thanks to all at the NOLA bar who worked so hard to make the party a success.