Lil Spill

March 11, 2016

Note to self: ” don’t take old codeine cough syrup just because you don’t feel like going to the doctor.” So Monday night I took old cough medicine that was in the fridge that Jackson had been prescribed possibly over a year ago. I started feeling sick and wanted to make sure I was well for this weekend in NYC. Within an hour I was throwing up violently . I had to actually get a shot to stop me from throwing up. But the best part of this  was getting up the next morning and seeing the whole lower part of my face and neck completely swollen. That was Monday night. Today it’s Friday and I now have a new double chin. Supposedly it’s filled with lymphatic fluid. ” Doctor please do something.” ” Liliana you will feel better next week. It will all calm down.” ” doctor I don’t give a shit about feeling better but I am doing a tv interview for Fox Business on Sunday and I can not have a double chin!!! Please help me.” They gave me prednisone . But I don’t think it’s really working. Oh well maybe this is the one time when in my company a Burkha may be the best option.

” Paula you can’t ban bikers at the NYC bar. We are a biker bar.”

” Lil they were two bicycle messengers who started a fight in the bar.”

Never in a million years when I got text messages of ”  bikers being banned ” did I think it meant bicycle riders. My apologies Paula.

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Some people will complain about hitting the lotto, and having to pay taxes. MOST of the messanger a are good guys. Yea some should be 86'd, but the same people complaining about them, complain about the music they could easily change. Complain about the bar being 2 busy. Complain, complain, complain.


Paula is right! I agree that these bicycle messengers should be banned from the NYC bar (or at least the particular ones who are known for causing trouble). Whenever I am there during happy hour, they are very loud/obnoxious drunks (in a bad way) and I notice they are not good to the bartenders either (they never tip). They also stink up the entire bar with their sweat, keeping many folks out. I also recently read several reviews on yelp complaining about them too. Normally, there isn't a bouncer present yet and it's a concern that they will start fighting at any moment.


I've been to the NYC bar several times and ran across the messengers, generally they seem like a good bunch of guys (although it would probably be good for them to take a shower before coming to the bar after work). So, I suspect that the turmoil was caused by too much Jameson mixed with a cute girl where two messengers were trying to send messages not related to their daily occupation where one or more got miss interpreted.