Lil Spill

March 15, 2016

” Women bring in more customers.” I just got back from NYC. Had a ball of course. Met the staff. Hung out with Paula,  the  new gm. As I looked around the NYC bar during the private party, I realized that it was mostly older regulars. There is only 1 day a year that the staff can invite Boyfriends, girlfriends, family. And for 2 hours during that day it’s FREE.  I did not see girlfriends, boyfriends or friends. All I saw were  regulars who have been part of Coyote for years. Harsh or not but I told Paula that I think she needs to start cutting these girls if they don’t embrace more female regulars. This is business.

Fox business tv interview went well. Pretty much a fluff piece . So it was easy. I am sure it will come out well. Back home. I love NY but boy do I love coming home to San Diego.

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The turnout at the anniversary party is in no way a reflection of the current crowd. Many of the attendees are rarely there the rest of the year, and few current customers come. Try telling a Millenial that free beer is available at 2pm on a Sunday and see the reaction. "When? I',m still asleep." More women have been coming in since the renovation. They no longer flee in horror after seeing that restroom. Old management did their best to scare them off by hiring angry, profane, unhappy bartenders that crapped on attractive women. Some of the best current Coyotes iknow how to make women stay and stay and stay, and know how to "entice" them onto the bar instead of "berating" them to get up. Makes all the difference in the world, and it's the reason that the bar is regularly groaning under the weight of pulsating newcomers. Paula's emphasis on the basics of SERVICE (greet me, smile at me, talk to me, thank me -- and get me a beer promptly) is correct, because it has long been sorely-lacking, which is a shame because SERVICE was a hallmark of the place as far back as when Lil and Jackie were around. Consistent good service, consistent speed and attentiveness behind the bar, and consistent positive energy are all the place needs to keep those new customers coming back and spending money.


Paula has been the best GM Coyote has seen in over 5 years. However, after several years of terrible management before her, it will take some time to get more folks returning to the bar. Live music Tuesdays is a great idea, however it needs to be advertised much better. I do agree that more women need to be invited to the bar, even on a normal typical day. Coyote has become a sausage fest lately. However, I must admit that many of the bars in the neighborhood are the same way lately.


Lil: Perhaps that invitation wasn't made public by Paula since she is new. I suspect that friends would likely have been invited as I know I have spent $2 grand to travel to a Coyote open bar for what is likely $100 in free drinks. We all go the extra mile for a free party.

Peter Carew

Hi I live in New Orleans and visit your ugly bar there along with all the ugly bar along the gulf coast, love Destin and Panama city fl.. ..... I travel via one of my Harley's .....and in New Orleans there is an area in front that was perfect for parking Bikes ( Motorcycles) but now its listed as a cargo loading zone ? TICKETS are given if we park there now ? could you some how have that area designated for motorcycles ..I see. this done in other states and it is received very well by us bikers .I'm sure business would improve ! When I come to your bars I spend hundreds each time and tip very well....Your girls are fun and they work very hard ! In New Orleans your girl Carla is so cute she and the other girls keep us bikers coming back time and time again ! Would be great if parking was made easier here in the big easy Thank you