Jackson, Chantel, and I ran the Crescent City Classic 10K this morning. Jackson slowed himself down and ran with his mom the whole way. (I think he knew I was tired at mile 4. 2 Days of craziness in Denver might have been the cause .lol) According to my app Runtastic Pro, we ran 6.4 miles in 1 hour and 7 minutes. Wonder what he would of done with a stronger partner?
NYC great night. San Antonio was just on fire last night!!!
If anyone has a good video of the Du Haste skit from Denver can you send it to the website so we can post it!
I am TIRED!!

I just got off the phone with one of my friends. ” Lil I just got you and I a present.” ( I was thinking dinner somewhere or a spa treatment. ) I was way off!! ” I got us each a 3 hour naked photoshoot with this photographer on groupon.” What? ” Liliana, nothing is more motivating to lose weight then a naked photoshoot. ” ok so really naked? Supposedly you can wear lingerie if you are really shy. On the phone she is reciting the picture packages you can ask for. ” dude, if I look good in a naked picture, I am getting a floor to ceiling portrait to hang in my living room. ” She is nuts!

The Denver staff was so fun tonight. They did a number ( whole staff , men and women) to Du Haste by rammstein that was awesome. Bartenders, barbacks, and BMF’s in Lader hosen! Hysterical. Who knew that the female Lader hosen Oktoberfest outfit was so sexy? I am buying one pronto for intimate nights.
Thanks Sean, the bouncer , for wearing the tear away pants and dancing for me to Sexy and you know it! I really had a great time tonight.
It’s midnight and I just got off the phone with Tommy. Our bet now is the gross sales of our various 3 bars for anniversaries. My bars are NY, Denver, and Memphis. His bars are Austin, Milwaukee , and OKC. It’s like fantasy football. In about 2 hours I will have 2 teams that played while he has 2 teams left.
Lets make it a real bet. What are the stakes ? Lets go!

Great night OKC. Like clockwork with all the bars , when the regional shows up , the numbers go up ! We had tons of fun last night in Denver. Perhaps a little too much fun. Denver girls always beautiful. Love to see Jazmine the manager on duty so very pregnant. Pinky lost a lot of weight. Claims he changed nothing with regards to his diet. The only change was incorporating P90X into his daily routine. Good for him! Big 8 year anniversary tonight! Go Denver

After I landed and turned on my phone, first text of the night was from Jelvis a former employee . ” Lil I know you got to Denver a day early. Can you come to Drag Queen Bingo tonight?” I would of loved to but busy sorry

Bars sucked last night. OKC painful night. Heading to Denver tomorrow. I love going to dinner the night before with the team. I booked us at Sullivan’s tomorrow night. Steak and wine, perfect!
I am pretty sure that I will not be able to raise my arms over my head by tomorrow after two days of crossfit. Jackson and I are now watching Surviving the Cut for motivation. It motivates me in the same way that The Biggest Loser motivates me. ” look at those poor people, hey Jackson get me more rice pasta throw on extra cheese.”So far we have watched Marine Recon and Night Stalkers. From viewing the show it appears that based on pure physicality the marines had a harder time but the night stalkers are asked to use more mental focus while in harsh environments. Patato, Potato. Lol ”
Tahnee dropped out because of scheduling. She was already up to 4 miles today after only a few days.
Holla Denver! Here we come
Ps. My son came home . ” mom your hair looks very pretty.” Alien probe? Ashton am I being punked?

Met Daniel for lunch at Ruth Chris in Nola. We ate steak, salad, 2 wines, and I had 4 bites of a chocolate dessert ( we left most of it)
I call bullshit! I downloaded an app called My Fitness. It documents everything you have eaten and calculates how much you have exercised as well. Today I ran and did crossfit. I ate probably more then usual but I was starving. My body is aching and hungry. This app in a nice way just sent me an alert ” hey fat shit. if you keep on eating like this you will gain blah blah blah weight by next week.” Fuck, now I have to run more today. You are kidding me.” Can’t wait for this Tough Mudder to be over. I am fucking tired. At crossfit we practiced powerlifting, pull-ups , and rope climbing. I did 4 sets of 7 power lifts, 7 pull-ups, and 7 wall balls in 8 minutes. The f… pull-ups . I can’t do them properly. I am tired and cranky. Now I will get dressed and run more. If I get fat and stocky for this event I will kill Kevin. That’s all I have to say.
The bars rocked this weekend. Shout out to Nashville. Great numbers. Heading to Denver on Wednesday. To Denver Bouncers ” just have fun with it!!”

Jackson and I did it. We wore our running outfits including sneakers. We jumped in the freezing pool totally outfitted then we ran a mile. The water was cold and the first 1/2 mile of running was a bit odd. Our sneakers were squishy and our clothes were wet. But the Dri fit clothes that we wore really dried quickly. My biggest complaint was the mosquitos. My face got bitten and for hours afterward I felt that feeling of allergies. (I have a feeling the pool wasn’t in swimming condition and perhaps there was too much pollen floating on the water.) Lee claims there will be no mosquitos in Nevada but to be weary of the scorpions and snakes. Shit! now that is another thing I am worried about. Tahnee ran 2 miles today at 23 minutes. First day out that’s pretty good

5 miles in 54 minutes. Not bad for me. I am slow but I am consistent. I just went on line and found a couple of websites that encourage competitors to practice while in your expected attire for the Tough Mudder. First, Put the clothes on. Second, Jump in a lake or a pool, fully clothed included sneakers. Third, run two miles and see how heavy or hard it is running while you are wet..Ok I will try it tomorrow. ( if its not too cold, cause I am a wussy)
So yesterday I went to my first therapy session. My goal was to leave feeling a sense of peace and or relief. I went and I told her my routines and the areas I thought needed help. I said jokingly, ” I am fucked up”. Never in a million years did I expect the response, ” Yes you are fucked up.” Ok now that we all know this, If I go straight into blaming my parents am I cured sooner? lol

I received a call from a mom at Jackson’s new school. ” I know your son and my daughter are partners for their history project and your son was scheduled to come over but we are busy. In fact I don’t see the need for your son to come over when they can do the project after school.” I think my son just got his first taste of discrimination. This preppy uptown bitch doesn’t like his long hair? Or is it me? Kid with long hair has a mom with tattoos in the bar business, hence she doesn’t want her daughter associating with him. I spoke to Jackson about it since it might affect the project and his grade. ” mom don’t worry. I already get teased by some people for the long hair. If her mother is really like that it just means that …(girl partner) is a really good person since she is one of my best friends at school.” My son proves to me almost daily how much kinder and more even keeled he is then me.
Ok headed to work. It’s cold today in DC.

I have forgotten how beautiful DC is. I had a conference call a little while ago so I haven’t ventured out of my hotel. I decided to eat at the hotel restaurant. Who knew that it was the Mecca of the who’s who in DC. The bar stools are so tall I had to jump up to actually sit down. Lol ( have to laugh at yourself). I am across the st from the Crime and Punishment museum! After I do my work tomorrow I will go straight there followed by the Spy Museum. Perhaps I will run the monument route in the AM.
Christina’s quote after skydiving: ” skydiving is like getting a blowjob from an ugly girl . It’s great as long as you don’t look down.”
Always a lady. Lol

Consistency. At least US Airways is consistently the worst airlines I have ever flown. Every flight I have ever taken with them has been canceled or delayed. Today is no different, the flight is delayed.
I wish the New Orleans airport had one of those spa stations. I need a pedicure pronto.
After what I refer to as “anniversary-Karaoke night ” I have been on the wagon. Today I could go for a glass of wine, a steak, and some gambling. Perhaps after check in at the hotel I can get two of the three.

One of those days that I am rooting for a particular bar. Go Milwaukee! I just looked at the numbers and Milwaukee is leading with San Antonio and NY closing the gap. Come on Ernie and staff!
I received an email from our old Memphis GM Judith about Ernie. She is so sweet and kind so let me rephrase what she said so people understand the true meaning. ” Lil, Ernie has become such a fat ass. You know how you make the guys go on diets. Please do something before he keels over like one of those guys they have to use a crane to move.”
Ok Judith. Your wish is my command. I am on it! By the time his new baby is born we will see a brand new Ernie!